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Everyone have a safe and memorable experience with this weeks eclipse.
Everyone have a safe and memorable experience with this weeks eclipse.

An Introduction to Love Energy Techniques

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Love Energy Techniques is a series of techniques that enable and empower one to self heal oneself and optimize one’s life with the energies of unconditional love.  The techniques were created to serve the desires and needs of people who wished to become more loving to themselves, their families, their friends, and others.  

In this class, attendees will learn a variety of Basic Love Energy Techniques such as the Dance of Love and Light, an easy to learn visualization movement meditation that cleanses one’s body from lower dimensional emotional energies like anger and regret while enhancing one’s body with higher dimensional emotional energies like Joy.

Attendees can also receive a free Starfire Healing treatment if desired.

This event is Love Donation based.  All donations will be given to the Ekukhanyeni Relief Project, a non-for-profit organization that provides education through early learning and skills development to create thriving communities in South Africa.

For more information about Love Energy Techniques, please visit our website at

For more information about the Ekukhanyeni Relief Project, please visit

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