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Join us 5/11/2024 for our open house and ribbon cutting. Live music and vendors 12 to 4pm
Join us 5/11/2024 for our open house and ribbon cutting. Live music and vendors 12 to 4pm

A father’s day special sounds healing

 Father’s day sound healing 

A Father’s day special event for families 

brought to you by

High Ho Gems and Friends

A day long gathering exploring and celebrating You, Unity and Community. We have a tremendous experience waiting for you. Just open the gateway to yourself and show up. We have some guided experiences that you can participate in as you see fit in a safe space of mutual exploration.

Drum Circle and Mediations, Kirtan and Sound Healing, Healing Vendors

Just what you need for what keeps you from your Joyful Sound. 

Schedule 12pm-6pm

Father’s day, Sunday

June 16th, 2024

Treat dad, bring the family

to a relaxing 

energy filled day of healing

Drum Circle - Please bring your drums for the circle!

Our dear friend Chris Simler will be offering a drumming 101 which will lead into a drum circle. 

Find Your Inner Voice

(The connection between the chakras and drums)

  • The drum is one of the first forms of communications
  • The drum is our connection to the heart chakra
  • The drum is the heartbeat of humanity

Drum circles and music interventions are created to meet the individual needs and desired goals of the individual and/or group. Music intervention is designed to clear, balance, align and awaken the chakras through drumming, breathing and setting intention. The drum is our connection to the spiritual life. 

Participants will learn to tap into their chakras to ground with the earth, align their hearts, find their inner voice and develop personal power through drumming. The rhythm of the drum heals and changes lives. 

Music therapy is the application of Instruments (drums) and evidence based practice to create change, build inner awareness, evoke strength and set a desired path. Music therapy is a relationship conducted in a group and/or a one on one setting to facilitate, maintain or restore the individual’s highest potential based on a cognitive, emotional, physical and social wellbeing.

Spiritual men’s group (first meeting)

Meet with other men just like you. Create a bond and true friendship sharing your spiritual life with others. Help guide each other by sharing your experiences as the world continues to change all around you. This will be designed as a support group for men supporting each other through our use and knowledge of spirituality. The group will be facilitated by Jeff Mankin but will be run by all with monthly meeting, field trips, special speakers, trainings, healings and more.


Reiki Master Vince Smith will be onsite offering healing Reiki sessions and sound forks. To sign up for a session with Vince click here.

Jenny Bergold, Sound healing specialist 

Jenny started practicing yoga in 1999 and teaching in 2009. Jenny discovered yoga to calm the body and strengthen the mind. Jenny has her 200 Hour Hatha certification from Heaven Meets Earth Yoga in Evanston, IL and her 200 Hour Kundalini certification from Spirit Rising Yoga in Chicago, IL. Jenny is also certified in Prenatal, Restorative, Yin, and Radiant Child Yoga. Jenny's classes and sound healings focus on the mind and meditation, healing the body through asana and sound, and uplifting the spirit through

Jenny will have 2 sessions, times to be determined. Please follow here to sign up for either of Jenny’sq Sound Bath.

Rich Logan will lead us in a brief medition of intention and kirtan. 

He fronts Akoustikirtan, a revolving band of world-class musicians and has played Kirtan around the world.  A meditation practitioner since 1978, serious student of Yoga since 1998, teacher since 2001. He incorporates his knowledge of anatomy and physiology with a unique understanding of spirituality in the modern world.

He promotes a mindful practice, bringing one to the edge of ‘experience’ to ‘witness’ the moment unfold and realize it is us who is the unfolding.

AkousticKirtan with Rich Logan at Bhakti Fest Midwest 2013-click

About Kirtan

Kirtan is one of the oldest devotional practices on the planet. It gives one the opportunity to align with spirit and also community. This seemingly simple practice is a call and response vocalization. And wether we are chanting to the gods, or for our own personal release or simply as a way to come together with others it can be a profound experience that invites change and transformation. It's well suited for people who have trouble meditating because it occupies the minds normal processes, it gets us out of old patterns of thinking and can invite a quiet and peace that may be unfamiliar to us in our busy world.

Full hourly schedule coming

All healing sessions are love donation based or set price. This is at the practitioners discretion.


Potential additions

Drum or rattle making class available

Qi Gong session

Yoga class

If you would like to volunteer in anyway to make this first event of its kind be better please call 312-315-6866.


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