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Join us 5/11/2024 for our open house and ribbon cutting. Live music and vendors 12 to 4pm
Join us 5/11/2024 for our open house and ribbon cutting. Live music and vendors 12 to 4pm

Reiki level 3 Master certification

Original price $300.00 - Original price $300.00
Original price
$300.00 - $300.00
Current price $300.00

2pm - 6pm CST
Reiki Level 3 Certification Class
Teacher Jeffrey Mankin RMT
I take great pride in what and how i teach Reiki classes, I want to believe that my classes are being led by spirit and the Devine because that is how important this it to me. You are my students so you are an extension of me and what I put out into the universe. Reiki as you may know has changed my life. I am more at peace with my life than I have been ever.

If you are one of my Reiki students, you have put in the work and are ready to become to move to the next level as a healer. You are the love that truly embodies Reiki and I know you will take this gift into the world and help many people. You couldn't make me any happier knowing you are dedicated and committed. I, the universe and Reiki loves you for your commitment to heal the planet <3

What this class consists of:
Learning the Master Symbol
Receiving attunements
Learning and mastering the attunement process to teach others about Reiki and pass on the gift of Reiki.

This is not the end of your journey, this is just the beginning. As a Reiki 2 practitioner you practiced Reiki. Once you are level 3 master you are now Reiki. Everything in your life will embody Reiki for the better of all and your greater good. We as Reiki masters are just tools (let go of the ego).

Cost is $300 per student.
This class has a prerequisite of level 2 here 
If you have not been attuned by me for level 2 you will need to bring your level 2 certificate to class to show me. 

Prerequisite for this class, know how to do a complete session one on one, group and long distance. You will be tested prior to attunement so please do come prepared.

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