Reiki Level 3 Master class

Reiki Level 3 Master class

  • $275.00

 Reiki Level 3 Master class

I am about as proud as i can be that a small of handful of my Reiki students have put in the work and are ready to become Reiki Masters. 

Reiki level 3 certification will be September 29th, to be followed by our first ever Reiki Share on a Sunday afternoon. The Reiki share is a requirement of your certification. You will be doing Reiki on the guests who come to the share as your final part of your class. 

Reiki Level 3 Certification Class
Teacher Jeffrey Mankin RMT
Sunday September 29th, 2019
11:00AM - 9:00PM

Reiki Share - (required, you will be performing as a Reiki Master)
Pre-requisite - Level 1 and Level 2. Required permissions from the Master Teacher. If you have not been taught Level 1 and 2 by me you will need a copy of both certificates when you come to class.

What this class consists of:
Learning the Master Symbol
Receiving attunements
Learning and mastering the attunement process to teach others about Reiki and pass on the gift of Reiki. 

This is not the end of your journey, this is just the beginning. As a Reiki 2 practitioner you practiced Reiki. Once you are level 3 master you are now Reiki. Everything in your life will embody Reiki for the better of all and your greater good. We as Reiki masters are just tools (let go of the ego). 

Please join me September 29th at 11:00am for a full day of learning, healing, practicing. Cost is $275 per student. I am open to discussions for those who are ready but cannot afford this class. Be honest with me and we will work out something.