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Syahi concert with Raj Soni 5/14/2022 6;30pm behind the store tickets are by love donation everyone welcome
Sayahi Live concert 5/14/2022 behind the store

Reiki Level 1 certification class

Original price $150.00 - Original price $150.00
Original price
$150.00 - $150.00
Current price $150.00

Reiki Level 1 Certification Course

Onsite at High Ho Gems in Mokena

Taught by - Jeffrey Mankin Reiki Master Teacher

$150 class certification fee

Limit 10 students per class

Approximately 4 hour class


  • These classes are taught in the studio behind the store
  • You will be taught traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho
  • Each student receives one attunement for level 1
  • Reiki Level 1, the student is taught about self-healing and sensing Reiki energy
  • Symbols are placed within the student’s aura and the energy of the symbols is unconsciously dispersed through the hands

What you will learn

  • History
  • Philosophy behind
  • Hand positions
  • The basics of the Chakras
  • Self Reiki
  • Working on others
  • Will be attuned to Reiki Level 1
  • With this certification you will be able to practice on yourself, friends and family
  • We do not offer continuing education for college credits 

You will be able to channel Reiki by the end of the first class, even if you cannot feel it. You will be able to self heal yourself and then be a conduit to help heal others

** This class is a prerequisite to the level 2 class