This will be a place to show you various instruments we use and sell to facilitate sound healing. Here you will be able to learn about and purchase different mechanisms that can used in sound healing.

Some of these may be

Singing Bowls - This is in both metal or brass like such as tibetan bowls and the more newly recognized style using crystal singing bowls.

Gongs - Will be carrying different gongs, in various sizes from a desk size to a gong whose sound can fill an entire large room. These gongs will come from various places in the world

Crystal Pyramids - a new modality for us, we just received one and we love it. Cheaper than crystal singing bowls with amazing sound for such a small item. We have a 7in and are very pleased, however these healing tools come in 3 inch to 18 inch

Tibetan Brass Bells - We have brought in a number of brass bells used in traditional tibetan ceremony