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Join us all summer long, lots of fun activities
Join us all summer long, lots of fun activities

The community of crystal kids universe

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* this monthly class has not been booked at this time *

All kids love secrets and thinking they know something special

welcome to the community of crystal kids universe

is your child naturally attracted to crystals

is your child extremely grounded and one with nature

At a young age do they seem very gifted, open and knowing

its time to strengthen that connection to nature

crystals are the perfect tool for any young child

crystals teach them about nature, beauty, science

crystals teach them how to be careful with something fragile

crystals teach your children How to love Mother Earth 

crystals your children about energy


$20 per session

Recommended age 4 to 8

At least one parent has to join and work with your child 

The teacher is to direct, you will be working with your child directly

All children leave with a gift bag at the end of class. 



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