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The store will be closed this Memorial day. Everyone have a fun and safe holiday!
The store will be closed this Memorial day. Everyone have a fun and safe holiday!

Healing Crystal Kit - Emotional Support

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In these difficult times we are all going through a large range of emotions.  There aren't many happy moments right now with the death, disease, the fear of the unknown. 

Your emotions can run ragged, you are looking for some relief. High Ho Gems and Crystals recommends Reiki and Meditation. In this down time take the time to look inside yourself.  Crystals can help with these connections. 

Crystals have the ability with the correct intentions to do many things for your life that you may be having trouble controlling yourself. I think of my crystals as tools to my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and well being.  

Learn to use these and other crystals and amazing things will happen. They are older, wiser and more spiritually whole than you are, you can learn so much from them.

Agate - Allows you to overcome any type emotional trauma as well as negativity and bitterness

Amethyst - Eases your body, mind and soul, brings inner peace

Relives Anxiety, fatigue, depression and stress

Rose Quartz - For self love. inner peace

Tigers Eye - Confidence, strength and will power

Clear Quartz - Connects to your crown chakra

Amplifies, transmutes, transmits and directs energy

Raises energy to its highest level

Howlite - Assists in releasing fatigue, depression and emotional pain

Bloodstone - Inner strength