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Don't miss this Wednesday for our first in our series of "Mediation Wednesdays". Every other Wednesday starting this week. Join us for some peace and tranquility as we meditate this week on self love.
Don't miss this Wednesday for our first in our series of "Mediation Wednesdays". Every other Wednesday starting this week. Join us for some peace and tranquility as we meditate this week on self love.
Newest tumbled additions at High Ho Gems

Newest tumbled additions at High Ho Gems

Hello family, 

We've been getting a lot of stock lately so I'm going to share some new items here that you can be purchased in the store or online.

I'll start with the new tumbled stones; the next blog will feature raw crystals.

We stock over 115 types of tumbled stones; these are coming from many countries around the world. I do believe we have more varieties than anyone other shop that I know of. I am always looking for the rare types or small finds that they only find on rare occasions.

We also just started doing a little tiny bit of our own tumbled. This is just for fun and not really to sell. We carry so many types of rough as well now I wanted to do some myself. I'm 2 cycles into my first batches and the purple labradorite is coming out beautifully. Along with the Blue Lace Agate they will be done in a few weeks.

All of the tumbled shown below is in stock, there are links to purchase onsite or these are available in the Mokena shop.  

If you'd like to see us write about a certain subject, please feel free to leave any comments.

Like always thank you so the love and support.  As we enter our 8th year in business i must say, the dream is real, and we have the best customers in the world!!

Love Jeff and the High Ho Gems family



Serpentine from Peru - 
  • Color ranges - Green to Yellow
  • enhances meditative states
  • clears energy blockages throughout the meridian and Chakra systems
  • one of the safest stones to activate and raise the Kundalini
  • Helps boost your energy
  • Assists in physical repair of the heart and lungs
  • Heart chakra stone
click to purchase Serpentine

    Serpentine Yellow

    • Color ranges - Yellow
    • Same properties as Serpentine above
    click to purchase Yellow Serpentine

      Tree Agate

      Color ranges - White with a green pattern - Botswana Africa

      • For inner peace, tranquility and stability
      • Allows for personal self examination
      • Works to help your body gain strength in your physical and subtle bodies
      • Mental body
      • Emotional body
      • Spiritual body
      • Earth Element stone
      • Root and Heart Chakra stone
      • Helps to deepen meditative practice
      • Stabilizes and centers the mind and soul
      click to purchase Tree Agate

        Moss Agate

        • Put on your Throat Chakra
        • Anti-inflammatory
        • Treats infections
        • Treats swelling, colds and flu
        • Lowers fever
        • Useful for long-term illness and recovery
        • Boosting your immune system
        • Removes toxins from the body and circulatory systems
        click to purchase Moss Agate


          Crazy Lace Agate

          Color ranges - browns, blacks, grays and golds, pinks or red

          • Called Laughter Stone, or Happy Lace
          • brings joy to the wearer
          • Promotes optimism
          • vibrates to a slower frequency
          • useful when ghost hunting
          • Stone of communication
          • A talisman with great healing energies
          • Release anger and tension to relax
          • Harmonizes your energies
          • Cleanses and stabilizes the aura
          • Enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities
          • Re-balances and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit
          • Releases negative influence
          • Offers a sense of security and safety
          click to purchase Crazy Lace Agate

            Grey Botswana Agate

            • Color ranges - Beautiful Pink, Brown and Gray
            • Root Chakra stone
            • comforting and protective
            • sooths loneliness
            • supports love and the strength, lets you look for real solutions rather than dwelling on difficulties.  
            • balances emotional, physical and intellectual energy 
            • harmonizes yin and yang and positive and negative forces 
            • for sensitive children who are hurt easily by teasing or pressure
            • enhances mental function
            • improves concentration, perception, and analytical abilities
            click to purchase Grey Botswana Agate

              Multi-Colored Tigers Eye

              Color ranges - Gold and Blue

                • Assists you in releasing fear and anxiety
                • Brings good luck to the owner
                • Helps to focus your mind
                • Stone of courage, strength, will and personal power
                • Chatoyancy (cat's-eye) is when a polished stone is moved back and forth in incident light
                • Lightworkers recommend Tigers Eye for raising the energy
                • Was carved into amulets and talismans worn by ancient Roman soldiers
                • Works well with the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras
                click to purchase Multi Colored Tigers Eye

                  Blue Storm Agate

                  • Strengthens and deepens our inner focus
                  • Shows us our right path and helps us remain on it.
                  • called the stone of peace and healing
                  • calms and relieves stress
                  • helps to focus on the inner source of love
                  click to purchase Blue Storm Agate

                    Garnet + Limestone

                    • Color ranges - Tan with brown dotted patterns
                    • Reduces inflammation 
                    • Helps blood circulation 
                    • Regulates the metabolism
                    • a stone of physical love  
                    • helps change your old habits and ideas
                    • boosts self-confidence
                    • kindles courage and hope 
                    click to purchase Garnet + Limestone

                      Green Chalcedony

                      • A healers stone and a cleansing stone
                      • assists in purging the body of certain illnesses
                      • A heart chakra stone
                      • promotes courage
                      • strengthens your soul
                      • allowing you to create honest dialogue and real connections
                      • bring clarity of ideas in business
                      click to purchase Green Chalcedony

                        Aragonite Peru

                        Color ranges - Brown striped

                        • Third eye, throat and heart chakra stone
                        • Joyful vibration
                        • Increases your ability to communicate, particularly spiritually
                        • Makes it easier for you to empathize with others
                        • A stone of hope that assists you to empathize with others
                        • Rejuvenates and revitalizes your mind, body and spirit
                        • Promotes a more relaxed disposition
                        click to purchase Aragonite from Peru

                          Peach Quartz

                          Color ranges - Orangish peach

                          • Brings Joy to every day living
                          • Helps one to encourage forgiveness
                          • Connect your dreams to reality
                          • balances your energetic system
                          • Discover true intentions
                          • promotes understanding and friendship
                          • Amplifies social connection and community
                          • Emanates Love and kinship
                          • Helps to release past issues
                          • Sacral chakra stone
                          click to purchase Peach Quartz

                              Dalmatian Jasper

                              • Colors - Brownish tan with black spots like a Dalmatian Dog
                              • Extremely grounding
                              • Helps you to connect to Mother Earth
                              • Stimulates the reflexes and the nervous system
                              • helps in the healing of muscles, tendons, cartilage
                              • Allows  you to relax, reconnect, and regain your composure
                              • Prevents strains, sprains, and muscle spasms
                              • A stone for comfort and connection
                              click to purchase Dalmatian Jasper

                                Convoluted Jasper

                                The stone facilitates Shamanic Journeys.
                                • promotes creative thinking
                                • promotes confidence
                                • brings inner peace
                                • promotes happiness
                                • helps with dream recall
                                • balances yin and yang 
                                • helps with organizational abilities
                                • balances the aura
                                • promotes grounding
                                • activates the root chakra
                                • boosts your stamina
                                click to purchase Convoluted Jasper

                                  Flower Jasper

                                  • Color ranges cream, brown or gold, swirled with gray, pink and burgundy
                                  • known as Flower Wood Jasper
                                  • Also known as Chinese Flower Jasper
                                  • from Hunan Province of China
                                  • shield us from dangerous situations and balance
                                  click to purchase Flower Jasper

                                    Blood Jasper - Africa

                                    • promotes courage, vitality, and strength
                                    • provides support on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level
                                    • will keep you centered and grounded
                                    click here to purchase Blood Jasper from Africa

                                      Snake Skin Jasper

                                      • a protective stone
                                      • a good grounding tool
                                      • shields against negative energies
                                      • energizes your root, solar plexus, and crown chakras
                                      • helps with emotional trauma
                                      • helps with a calmer meditative state
                                      click to purchase Snake Skin Jasper


                                        Color ranges - All natural combination of Amethyst and Citrine.  Has zones of purple, yellow and orange 

                                        • From Bolivia 
                                        • Citrine helps you stay focused
                                        • Higher vibrations of the Amethyst help you feel inspired
                                        • Work with your solar plexus, crown, and third eye chakras
                                        • Works with masculine energy of citrine, and feminine energy of amethyst
                                        • Disperses toxins from the body
                                        • Removes blockages in the physical, emotional, and mental subtle bodies
                                        • Promotes optimism

                                         click to purchase Ametrine

                                        The employees of High Ho Gems and Crystals are not doctors and cannot provide medical advice. Healing crystals should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.
                                        When you purchase and/or use a High Ho Gems and Crystals product, you agree to fully release, indemnify, and hold harmless, High Ho Gems and Crystals, its principals, owners, personal representatives, consultants, employees and assigns from any claim or liability whatsoever and for any damage or injury, personal, financial, emotional, psychological or otherwise, which you may incur arising at any time out of or in relation to your use of the products sold on this website or in store location.
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