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Father’s day hours - 12 noon to 3:00 pm only 20% off anything in the store over $100 - Father’s day kits $15
Father’s day hours - 12 noon to 3:00 pm only 20% off anything in the store over $100 - Father’s day kits $15
We are High Ho Gems and Crystals

We are High Ho Gems and Crystals

Welcome my friends,

My name is Jeff Mankin, I am the proprietor of High Ho Gems and Crystals in Mokena, Illinois. They say that I’m supposed to write a blog (it’ll raise presence) and that the best thing to start out with is who we are.

Here at High Ho Gems and Crystals we are a crystal shop and holistic healing center. We are open 7 days a week with a store full of crystals from all over the world. We help our customers achieve a new awareness about themselves and the world of energy all around them. We help them achieve a better understanding of how to better utilize various tools to better their lives. In today’s crazy hectic world, we are here to help you look inside yourself to assist in finding your own path.

Our crystal inventory is truly breathtaking. I say this as the person who spends 365 days a year and many hours each day looking for the best sources for the best material at the best prices to bring to you your favorite pieces. Over the last 7 ½ years in business we have literally purchased from all over the world.

With the pandemic hitting we were also forced to start making some purchases from overseas suppliers, in most cases we are able to cut out the middleman. The result is we have a larger network of suppliers at better prices with a wider range of crystals, gems, and minerals.

Below are photos of Amethyst we purchased from Uruguay, directly from a mine owner. With dark purple saturation, and some with beautiful Amethyst Rosettes, these pieces are some of the nicest Amethyst specimens we have ever seen. Come visit the store for a large selection of this beautiful Uruguay Amethyst.

Amethyst has been used for its many properties for thousands of years. In the presence of Amethyst, I feel a calming sensation, it relieves my anxiety, my stress, any depression or fatigue. At night it can assist with restful sleep by promoting good dreams and banishing bad.

Some other amazing uses for Amethyst –

  • Help you feel inspired
  • Works with your crown, and third eye chakras
  • Cleanses your aura
  • Enhances your intuition
  • A stone of psychic protection
  • Cleanses your energy field of negative influences
  • Creates a shield of spiritual Light around the body
  • Mends a broken heart
  • Enhances peace of mind, relaxation and self-discovery
  • Repels bad dreams
  • Stone of Sobriety
  • Gets rid of headaches, specifically migraines


We are energy healers, and this is a Reiki house. By that I mean, the main mode of energy healing we do here at High Ho Gems and Crystals is Usui Ryoho Reiki. I am a Reiki Master Teacher with approximately 100 students and over a dozen Reiki masters whose education has been under my care.

Our focus is on Reiki and the many uses it has. My Reiki classes are about once a month in a studio behind the retail store. My classes consist of the three levels of Reiki 1-3 including the Master Teacher level.

I practice Reiki for several reasons but mainly because I have seen in multiple real-life examples how Reiki works. I have seen people healed in their physical body as well as in their subtle bodies, being their emotional, mental, and spiritual. I have seen such a difference with Reiki and with pure intention how you can assist in helping so many people.

The energy is not ours; the healing is not done by us, but by a process of moving the Qi or Life Force Energy through the system using our pure intention. It is the Qi or Life Force Energy in all of us, that makes up what and who we are. We learn to use this Qi; we learn to move it in our body and to heal the Qi that isn’t moving in our bodies. When our Qi is active our body can heal itself and that is the goal at all levels.

I’d love to hear back from everyone. If you participate, I will direct these discussions to where you would like the help. This can be anything the store does currently, is going to be doing soon or something you would like to see us bring.

In the future I will discuss the coming expansion in 2022, what my dreams are for the next location, where, why and how is so exciting and it’s happening in our lives right now.

We love you all, thank you for your support. Without you I’m just some healer selling rocks. Your faith and trust in me and High Ho Gems and Crystals over the last 7 ½ years has made us who we are. We can’t ever thank you enough for everything so we’ll build you the best crystal Reiki education center I can dream of as a thank you.

With all my love,

Jeff Mankin

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