Raw - Faden Quartz specimens

Raw - Faden Quartz specimens

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Faden Quartz is often used to form a connection between two people, such as healer and client, and in some cases it is also used to strengthen the 'silver cord' that connects the astral self to the physical self while exploring astral travel. It can be used to increase spiritual connection, by holding near the Crown (termination on), and also displays the interesting ability of surrounding the body with light that doesn't actually flow through the body, offering protection that resembles a close-fitting suit of armor.

Faden Quartz can be used to stimulate healing of any disease, function is to harmonize the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body or subtle body.

Faden Quartz helps treat cellular disorders including broken bones and muscle tissue repair

A seeker of Truth, helping us successfully accept the laws of the Universe. Very useful in astral travel. 

Faden Quartz allows you travel inter-dimensionally, gaining knowledge and awareness along the way.


From The Crystal Bible, "This crystal unifies the self, encouraging fragmented soul parts to reintegrate ...this stone provides protection during journeying. Psychologically, if you are undergoing intense trauma, Faden Quartz gives you the strength to carry on."

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