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Tarot & Astrology Readings

  • $80.00

Renee Marie

Tarot or Astrology Readings
Wednesday, September 5th, 2018
5 - 9pm
Tarot - $39, minimum 30 minutes
Please contact us for an appointment or purchase on the website
Renee Marie will be here for 2 - 4 hours
Astrological Readings will be a flat rate as shown below
“The most powerful source of information comes from within.”
What exactly is a tarot reading anyway? Most people envision a spooky old woman in a dark room wearing long robes foretelling some sort of impending doom. Actually it’s nothing like that, to be honest tarot readings aren’t about fortune telling or predicting the future at all. Tarot is a technique used by psychics and intuitives for thousands of years as a way for you to come into contact with your higher self. The cards and techniques have changed over the centuries, but the premise is still the same.
There are two different kinds of readings. Question readings and open readings. Question readings are about asking a specific question. They are not meant to answer specific yes or no questions. It shouldn’t be used to make decisions but instead a guide to help you make the decision for yourself.
Open readings address the bigger aspects of life instead of a specific problem. They are generally done when you are entering a new phase of life, for example new relationships, having a baby, marriages and new careers.
When having a reading done, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, keep your mind open, in order to be open to other points of view. Next, look at your question in an overall sense, don’t worry about being too overly specific, and lastly, don’t forget to focus on yourself and stay positive.
Astrological birth charts are maps of a person’s life purpose laid out in a coded language. A chart is derived from the arrangement of planets in the sky at the exact time you were born, from the vantage point of the exact place you were born. I will ask you to provide me with your date, time and place of birth. People who don’t know their exact time can still have a chart done; it will be less precise, but will still reveal a good amount of information. I prefer giving readings in person, because more channels are open for intuitive information to flow. Our conversation will begin with the data on the page and quickly extends into the psychological and spiritual implications of that data.
Natal Chart Reading $90
(1 hour )
A highly detailed, in depth analysis of your birth chart that can uncover strengths, talents and areas needing growth. An amazing tool for getting to know yourself better.
Karmic Reading $80
( 1 hour )
An in depth analysis of your North and South Nodes and their relationship with other parts of your natal chart to determine your karmic destiny in this lifetime versus your past life