Meteorite and Tektite - Cintamani

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Color ranges - Black, translucent under light

    • Saffordite/Cintemani Tektite
    • Extraordinarily powerful wish fulfilling jewel
    • Legendary artifact of Buddhist and Hindu mythology
    • In Buddhism the Chintamani is said to be one of four relics that came in a chest that fell from the sky
    • Manifests whatever one wishes - according to one's desires, treasures, clothing and food can be manifested, while sickness and suffering can be removed, water can be purified
    • Esoteric belief states that extraterrestrials from Sirius, perhaps ambassadors of the system, brought the Cintamani stone to earth seeking to establish their own unified order on our planet
    • Possession of the stone elevates its holder to a higher state of being
    • Grants knowledge of all time and space and the potential for world domination. Much like the Philosopher’s Stone and the Holy Grail, its wielder may even attain immortality.
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