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Shungite 6in Pharaoh Cylinders - more on order

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Shungite 6in Pharaoh Cylinders

Shungite black Left hand, Yin on the left

Talcocholorite gray right hand, Yang on the right


Pharaoh cylinders are ideal for recharging or restoring harmony of body and soul 

Pharaoh cylinders is a Bioenergetics device that is very effective tool for balancing Yin and Yang energies (correcting energetic imbalances with the body), restoring vitality, and achieving harmony of mind, body and spirit.  Using pharaoh cylinders help to east mental, emotional and physical strain, to clean the body energetically, strengthen the aura - protective invisible field, and to restore health

Directions for use:

Sit in a relaxed posture with legs uncrossed.  Hold the towers in your hands parallel to each other, with your hands on your knees.  The Yin cylinder, made of Shungite (black), should be held in your left hand.  It corresponds to the Yin or Moon half of the body.  ye Yang cylinder, made of Talcochlorite (grey or dark grey with silver sticker), should be held in your right hand it corresponds to the Yang or sun half of the body.  Sit in a relaxed pose' do not cross your legs.  While holding the cylinders, place your hands on your knees, keeping the cylinders parallel.  To get the most out of your session, close your eyes and concentrate on whatever sensations come to you.  

The length of the session will vary with each individual, but you should start with 10-15 minutes, gradually working up to a longer time.

For optimum results, use the cylinders twice a day (morning and evening) for 3 days, followed by one day break.  

Not recommended to use during the late stages of pregnancy, during acute infections with high fever, in cases of high degree hypertension, cardiac infarction, stenocardia attacks, an serious mental disorders.


currently 2 sets in stock - additional units take 1 week to receive by my supplier