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Soul Family Market season final 9/24/23 11am-5pm with Acoustic Music Sayahi
Soul Family Market season final 9/24/23 11am-5pm with Acoustic Music Sayahi

Services - Reading your Akashic records + Reiki combo

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Patti Gregor is a Reiki Master in the system of Usui Reiki Ryoho. 

 Reiki is Life Force Energy that is channeled by a Reiki practitioner to provide a complete healing. Reiki works to clear diseased or dead Qi that may be blocking your Chakras from working correctly. Reiki removes what is no longer serving you, healing your subtle bodies as well as physical. This provides you the ability to heal completely in your Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical bodies.

In this session Patti will provide a Reiki healing in addition to the Akashic Records reading described in full below.

The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness or field of energy which contains a vibrational record of each soul and its unique journey. A recording of light waves that has been occurring through the centuries of our Soul’s existence. Each one different yet connected in a multitude of ways. Also referred to throughout history as the Hall of Records, Book of Remembrance or Book of Life


Explore the layers of your existence through the Akashic Records to transform your old beliefs to a new understanding, allowing to release with Blessings and unconditional love that which no longer serves

By accessing your personal Records you will see yourself from a perspective of love and clarity to discover and explore, among other things,

  • Insight as to why you are the way you are
  • Limiting energetic patterns to be acknowledged and released in order to move forward in your journey
  • Clarity on relationships and what lessons they bring
  • Your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime

 To reveal the true identity of your Soul at a level of truth only known by your Masters, Teachers and Loved ones, you can begin to heal old patterns through wisdom and understanding as to why ancestral, current or past life experiences have perpetuated these belief systems. With wisdom and understanding comes freedom. By going within we see that all Soul choices were made from a place of love or survival and to release these patterns brings freedom and expression of our true nature.

An Akashic Records reading provides information from a safe perspective, allowing you to gain empowerment which can lead the way to realizing your unlimited potential and being able to love yourself unconditionally regardless of your choices or circumstances.

The guidance from Akashic Records comes from a place of non judgment, love and compassion to provide opportunities for your Soul’s advancement in a safe and manageable way, not to overwhelm but to step forward to awaken the light within

Akashic Records reader - Patricia Gregor

60 minutes includes both a short Reiki session and your Akashic reading 
Appointment can be done in person or by telephone or skype
Contact High Ho Gems for an appointment with Patricia or 
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