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High Ho Gems will open at noon on Monday July 1st sorry for any inconvenience
High Ho Gems will open at noon on Monday July 1st sorry for any inconvenience

Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing

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In this session intention will be used to balance, clear and expand your Chakras.  Methods used will consist of Reiki, use of crystals and guided meditations.  In this session your Chakras will be assessed, looking for energy blockages.  Your 7 main Chakras will then be worked on, focusing attention on any blockages in your energy system.  Sessions can run from 30 to 60 minutes.

Jeff Mankin is the owner of HIgh Ho Gems and Crystals, since 2014 he has traveled around the Midwest sharing the art of crystal healing.  In 2014 Jeff was introduced to Reiki, taking his first class and receiving his level 1 attunement.  He began practicing self Reiki and the occasional treatment on a friend or family through the beginning of 2016.  

At the end of 2015 High Ho Gems and Crystals became a storefront.  In 2016 Jeff was attuned again for level 1 as well as starting to practice more often at the previous High Ho Gems and Crystals location in Manteno IL.  About half way through the year Jeff was attuned for Reiki Level 2 and then started to offer services at the store as well as during Reiki Shares and events.

In January 2018 Jeff was attuned to Level 3 Reiki Master Teacher (January 24th, 2018)

Every Reiki practitioner has their own path.  In Jeff's case he was taught by 3 different female teachers.  Taught by 3 wonderful loving teachers, Jeff feels that comes with his path is an understanding of what Reiki means to these three woman.  They have honored Jeff by teaching him and guiding him down his own path with Reiki healing.  In the near future we will be offering Reiki Level 1 and 2 classes, taught by Jeff.

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