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Ajna Light Therapy

Visionary Journeys and Spiritual Exploration

Many people experience varied altered states of consciousness during Ajna Light journeys. This reflects the client's own changing inner awareness

The Ajna Light is a tool to help you experience the benefits of meditation. The light also produces altered states of consciousness for many users, similar to being under the effects of DMT (Dimethyl tryptamine) as the Ajna Light awakens it's user's pineal gland.  Each Ajna Light journey is different, as it reflects the user's own consciousness, which is always changing. We find users go deeper into their inner world over time. As a spiritual tool the Ajna Light is unique, and very powerful.

The benefits of meditation are becoming more apparent to many people living a stressed life. Research has showed meditation improves brain functioning, physically, and psychologically, along with well being and health. 

Benefits of using the Ajna Light include

The Light technology is a technique to help train your meditation practice into depths previously unexplored whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or even advanced. This Healing Accelerator Tool offers you all the benefits of meditation, energy healing sessions and Higher Guidance, as it allows you to connect to a very deep part of your core being which is Divine Light consciousness. With enough sessions under the Ajna Light your brain can use the reference experiences to develop the intent to reach and stay in these states on your own.

Spiritual Benefits

Self-Healing Soul Journey

Connecting to Higher-Selves and Higher Dimensional

Access Inner Wisdom

Better sense of connection with a larger reality

Out of Body & Astral Projection

Effortless Meditative state

Emotional / Mental Benefits

Deep Relaxation and sense of Bliss

Reduced state of Stress and Anxiety

Clarity of mind and emotions

Develop Intuition and Creativity potential

Better focus

Memory recall

Cognitive skills and problem solving

Physical Benefits

Improve Neuron / nerves cells connectivity

Regulate hormones secretion/production

Support DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) secretion – the spirit molecule

Increase Quality sleep

Improve Autism Behavior

Weaken Compulsive Behavior

Develop the ability to increase size of the brain’s grey matter

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