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Join us 5/11/2024 for our open house and ribbon cutting. Live music and vendors 12 to 4pm
Join us 5/11/2024 for our open house and ribbon cutting. Live music and vendors 12 to 4pm

Reiki Treatment with Jeff

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One approximately 45 minute to 1 hour treatment. Times may vary depending on customer needs at the time

Jeff Mankin opened High Ho Gems, Inc. in 2014 to share his life long love of crystals. He has been selling crystals on location, in our retail stores or online.  In 2014 Jeff took his first Reiki class. Understanding that the energy coming from crystals was essentially the same Life Force Energy or Qi as is used in Reiki. Also that sound vibrations can also heal in the same method as crystals or Reiki.

A client can heal from a session in many ways. As Reiki works at the root or cause of the problem a client may see lasting relief with repeated treatment. The client is responsible for working to improve any area where it may be noticed Reiki is beneficial. 

Jeff took time moving through the levels and it was almost 3 years before he had progressed to level 3. From there came Reiki Share, classes and over 100 students to date. 

During a Reiki session many tools can be used to help.  Jeff may use crystals, oils, or even burn herbs such as sage.  Crystals, sound healing or other modalities may be used whether directly related to Reiki or not. The goal of the session is to clear any old energy, clear and balance the chakras if needed, assist in the elimination of stress, depression or anxiety.

In addition to Usui Reiki Ryoho Jeff has studied the following

Lemurian Light Reiki

Atlantian Reiki

Crystal Reiki

Animal Reiki

Kundalini Reiki

Quantum Reiki

Interested in learning Reiki?

Every Reiki practitioner has their own individual path.  In my case I was taught by 3 different female teachers. I feel that with my path to Reiki Master is an understanding of what Reiki means to these three woman.  I am honored by their teachings as i found my own Reiki Healing path.   

I hope you will join me and we will explore Reiki energy through sessions, classes or Reiki Share.

Jeff Mankin

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