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  • $5.00

February 3rd, 2021
7:00pm to 9:30 pm

**We are now asking that you register on Facebook for this event.
If you would like you can pay for your entry the this link instead of offering cash at the Reiki share that is fine.

If you plan on attending the share we request that all attendees make a donation or make prior arrangements with the owner. All participants, Reiki practitioners, Master teachers, students and new guests are asked to donate. This pays for the house, electric, water, TP, paper towels, you get it. It is unfair for only some to offer donations especially at $5 per person. If you are not leaving donations and it is noticed as it has been management will be forced to say something to any offenders. I think you will all agree this is something i shouldn't even have to bring up and hope that i don't have to mention it again. We appreciate your assistance in this change of policy and hope you understand it is being done out of the fairness of everyone that comes to Reiki share.

Water and Pot luck contribution. We ask that occasionally as you come chip in on water and snacks. Same rule goes, if you are not going to bring donations than please don't take what you are unwilling to share with others. These are lessons that should not have to be taught to adults and should be clear common sense.

Have you ever had a Reiki Treatment?

Come join us as we share universal life force energy with everyone who attends. With multiple Reiki practitioners in house every person that attends Reiki share is worked on at least once if they want. There are plenty of experienced people attending the share that can answer any questions you may have.

We can always use an extra Reiki table, please bring yours for use during the evening, especially if you want to practice as well as receive.

Every Reiki share is different, all have different levels of spirituality depending on many aspects that can occur. From the planets and the stars, to the levels and experience of the practitioners to how you are currently feeling about yourself will all have an effect on the evening. Our best recommendation is come open minded, come wanting to heal and learn and you will gain from the experience what you put into it. Work at the soul level to heal as a human and over time you will find what you seek.

What is a Reiki share? A healing session with a group of people sharing energy healing. The group trades off giving and receiving Reiki to each other. If you have not had level one training yet please come to receive Reiki and learn about how to begin offering Reiki to your friends and family for healing.

For 2 + hours we will have multiple tables set up and multiple practitioners offering services. Please join us in sharing the gift of Reiki with others.