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Reiki Level 1 class and attunements - 3 Payment plan

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  • $50.00

Reiki Level 1 class and attunements

** Please only purchase this if you have been pre-approved by Jeff to be on a multi payment plan.  If so by purchasing this you agree to a payment plan with a $50 down payment and subsequent until the total of $150 is reached.
I hope this helps all who want to take this course.  If you still are unable to make these type of payments Jeff asks that you speak with him upfront and something will be worked out for you. Everyone deserves to learn Reiki and i remain committed to teach everyone who needs to learn.  We'll figure out a way and we will get by
Taught by - Jeffrey Mankin
Reiki Level 1 Certification Course
July 18th, 2020
12:00 PM - 4PM  approx       
I am working with students due to the current situation on what you can afford. Normal price is $150. Basically this works like a payment plan, pay me what you can when you are able. I completely understand that everyone's situation is different. I also realize that this planet needs as many Reiki practitioners as it can get.

This will be a virtual class, with a make up class and make up attunements once we can all get together. Your current attunement will be long distance.

In this approximately 3-4 hour class you will learn
* History
* Philosophy behind
* Hand positions
* The basics of the Chakras
* Self Reiki
* Working on others
* Will be attuned to Reiki Level 1

* with this certification you will be able to practice on yourself and friends and family. This class is a prerequisite to the level 2 class.

Comes with booklet of notes