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Services - Readings with Caroline Cruz

  • $60.00

Caroline Cruz

Readings will take place from 12 noon until 6:00 pm
30 minutes for $60 
60 minutes for $120
for 60 minutes purchase quantity 2


All work is guided with a strong clear connection from the Divine, and with the aid and protection of Angelic love and light. 

Services available from Caroline

certified Usui Tibetan Reiki
certified Master Reiki crystal therapy
Certified A.U.R.A Angelic universal regression alchemy academy.
past life regression hypnosis
Energy healer 
oracle readings 
Angel readings/healing
Chakra alignment with tuning forks
Mediumship mentoring 
crystal therapy
spiritual coaching

Healing Souls came about because we truly have to heal all aspects of ourselves, physically and on a soul level. I have been blessed, because every step I took I was continually shown intuitively that this was my Divine life purpose, being given some harsh lessons and learning from them. I discovered my own strengths. And have developed all Clairs and work in union with them daily with this knowledge I gained I am able to be understanding and compassionate for people like you that are seeking comfort answers, healing. whether it be from the simplest questions, such as guidance with a general reading or some more intense work on a soul level as in an A.U.R.A session. working with the higher self quantum Alchemy and Angelic energies, the success and healing benefits with past life regression have been greatly increased. healing imbalances, we create that makes us sick, or whether something we have carried with us from the past, with the help of our higher self we get an unlimited healing frequency that is reached. Your higher self will keep you protected through the whole session. The biggest obstacle is your ego mind, but with lots of love you will be able to release fear worry and it will be much easier to surrender key during the session, who better to trust than ourselves, which is why this has a high success rate. It Removes blockages, entities, attachments, cords, illness, disease, helps hips, teeth, diabetes, and much more.

Caroline offers the above services at High High Gems and Crystals

Call 312-315-6866 to check on the latest open appointments

All readings have to be scheduled and paid in advance to guarantee appointment


I will help you get to where you want to be. And help you uncover your own potential and purpose. we all have a unique pattern and sacred connections we can tap into. Find your souls truth for success. I have been guided to help and heal others my whole life, and I am excited and passionate that I am able to offer myself as a vehicle for your own transformation and healing, offering many modalities and different approaches to find the best possible solution for each individual. I am driven by my intuition. giving clear focused direction offering wisdom, advice, compassion, deep healing and empowerment.I believe we all need to invest more time in ourselves, we do it for others  without a second thought ,so give yourself some love patience, and compassion.

I Am a Forever student, continually evolving, expanding my horizons and  staying in tune with professional advancement in spirituality development. I equally gain knowledge form my students. And believe this is key to growth I look very forward to working with you.  

Much love and blessings to All!

Disclaimer, all readings for entertainment purposes only, I am not a clinical hypnotist, I work with healing energy. If you have or been treated for schizophrenia, MPD, psychosis or PTSD I am unable to to assist with these specific things. Also Please let me know of  any medications used for anxiety, seizures or pain