Making yourself a Reiki Box

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  • $15.00

Here's the idea, we want to create a space where we can place all our Reiki requests.
We want to supercharge some requests with Reiki, send consistent Reiki for prolong periods of time to amplify the potential of the request.
Please join me on Friday night November 6th, 2020 for an evening of love, light community and Reiki energy as you use your own creative powers to design your personal Reiki box.
Your admission pays for the box and the tools we have for you to use to design your very own Reiki box.
The boxes range in price, I have plain boxes as well as boxes that have pre-existing designs.
Some ideas of design have been
Wood burning
(we'll have a lot of things here for you to use but feel free to bring any special additions you may feel you want to add)
You will be working with the design of your box, both inside and outside.
After we design our boxes, we will then send Reiki individually and as a group. We will use our intention to provide any request put into our box is fulfilled for the greatest good. Ask your box that any good intention sent to the box provides the most healing for the requestor or request.
Please join us for a fun filled evening of creativity, energy, a little warm apple cider, maybe a bonfire but definitely lots of love, Reiki energy and soul family.
cost is $15 for a plain box
cost is $22 for a box with a design
including all other supplies

Maximum 15 people
* You must be a Reiki practitioner to attend