Palm Stones - Labradorite

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  • $12.00

Palm Stones, Hand Polished from Madagascar

Larger than our normal tumbled stones, different sizes, colors and shapes.

$12 per piece

**sometimes we have smaller stones in stock.  To check for a smaller piece generally in the $6-8 range please get in touch to check out current inventory.

Color ranges - grey to grey-black with colorful iridescence

Stone of the Throat Chakra

Named after Labrador in Canada, where it was found on the Isle of Paul, near Nain in 1770

Found in Finland, Madagascar, and Australia

Shows adularescence (a white or bluish light seen when turned into the light) termed labradorescence

According to legend the Northern Lights are captured in the minerals on the coast of Labrador.

Thought to possess powerful protective properties, helps its wearer to find their true path in life, calms overactive minds.  Helps recall dreams and experiences from past lives.  Said to bring out the positive in people.

Assists with menstrual problems, aid disorders of the lungs, prevent colds, help with digestion and regulate both metabolism and blood pressure.  

Pieces are approx 2 - 3 inches