Jewelry - Bracelet Sandalwood + Shungite custom made

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  • $22.00

Sandalwood + Shungite 8mm beaded bracelet 

Womens or mens

customer needs to provide 

Wrist size

Would you like any additional beads such as

Lava bead - for essential oils

Clear Quartz - for amplification

Rose Quartz - for unconditional love

Hematite - for grounding

Sandalwood - properties keep your mind calm. It is considered sacred and has been used in temples and shrines. It allows you to relax deeply and balance your feelings. Works to purify negative energy and make you feel more positive. Relaxes the throat and heart chakras and increases spiritual energy

Shungite - Transmutes EMF into energy wave forms that the human body has a easier time working with

  • Wi-Fi
  • Cell phones
  • 5G towers
  • Computers
  • Wi-Fi Routers
  • Electrical grids
  • appliances
  • other electronic devices