High Ho Gems Concert Series - Smokey and Friends

High Ho Gems Concert Series - Smokey and Friends

  • $12.00

Tickets will go on sale Saturday August 22nd at 12 noon 
So many roads, I tell you
So many roads I know

As many of you know High Ho Gems and Crystals is leaving Tinley Park. This is our last hurrah as we will be open in Mokena by October 1st.  Please come join us for one more dance as we gather our belongings, cleanse our crystals, leave our blessings and go on to build the dream stuck in our heads.  We cannot wait to share this new place with all of you but please do join us in thanking Tinley Park for being such a comfortable home with one last dance with the amazing Smokey and Friends
Masks are required to attend this show, no exceptions. If you break the rule and are making others uncomfortable I will ask you to leave.
Smokey and Friends
$12 per ticket purchased online
50 attendees maximum
goal is 90% going to band
September 13th, 2020
Matinee show 3pm to 6pm
Socially distanced outside show
Rain or shine
Bring your canopy for cover if it's raining
bring your lawn chairs
coolers for BYOB
**Public bathroom with you wipe up rules - if you are local, within 10 minutes we humbly requesting you go home to use your private restroom during intermission**
Store will be open for purchases on request
children allowed by request only

As with any event going on during these difficult Coved 19 world. Do not come if you are sick, whether you have a ticket or not. Masks are required as is social distancing. 
possible vendors
possible Reiki booth
possible other services

Our honored musician friends will be
Chris Parenti Grateful Dead Allstars
Paul Streff: Buddy Guys House Bass Player
Bill Rosas: Hurricane Gumbo
Paul Losiniecki: Further Blues Band and Dead Guise
Mike Wolf: Twice Removed
Chris Simler: Sons Seals Alumni

“The nature of what we’re doing is something, which is by its very nature, is non-formulaic. There’s no way that you can make it happen by intention alone. It’s something that you have to sort of allow it to happen, and you have to allow for it to happen.”
Jerry Garcia