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Everyone have a safe and memorable experience with this weeks eclipse.
Everyone have a safe and memorable experience with this weeks eclipse.

Healing Crystal Kit - The Grand Awakening Spirituality kit

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Well now were here.  You've been hearing about it for years, you all have that friend who has warned you. Mother Earth couldn't live like it has been any longer, we were destroying it. In order for Mother Earth to be able to repair itself she needed to take a pause.

At this time, the time of the Grand Awakening there will be millions around the world who may awaken.  Awaken, fine, but what are you awakening to you may ask.

Your time alone is to reflect, think about where you came from. Sit with yourself, look deep inside. Feel your energy centers, your chakras,  Feel them spin, do they spin like a water wheel.  The Qi inside our body is trying to move, it's trying to heal you. The Qi is trying to flow through all of your chakras opening you up to spiritual healing. 

Heal yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and now most importantly spiritually. Become one within yourself, see the larger picture, realize we are all connected to each other and mother earth.  Learn to meditate, learn Reiki, practice Yoga or Qi Gong, change your diet, start an exercise program, learn a new skill, become a new you because the old you isn't any longer

Don't think this is an easy process because it's not. It also generally isnt quick so expect this to be your new path but it's yours and yours only, your journey. 

Some crystals that could assist in this process, use these during meditation, Reiki, Yoga, etc.


Amethyst - Eases the Heart and Body in general, the mind and soul

Lapis Lazuli - connects your 3rd eye Chakra to your Throat Chakra

Stimulates enlightenment

Enhances your dreams and psychic abilities

Stimulates creativity, clarity and objectivity

Clear Quartz - Connects to your crown Chakra

Raises energy to it's highest level

Amplifies, transmutes, transmits and directs energy

Fluorite - Cleanses your aura

Enhances intuition

Helps to open up to consciousness and spirituality

Labradorite palm stone - Stimulates intuition and psychic gifts

Helps to develops spirituality

Connects to the 3rd eye Chakra

Small Sage Smudge bundle - Drives away any negative energies and brings back a state of balance, peace and harmony

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