Healing Crystal Kit - Sales Tool Box

  • $25.00

Looking for that extra leg up in your sales and business development? 

Used in assistance to make, prepare, present and close sales and business opportunities.   

If you learn how to use your intention with the crystals and focus on the greater good you will notice that the crystals will be helpful in many more situations. Continue to work for the greater good, putting the best intention to help others within your crystals and watch your sales career blow through your forecasts every month

This kit is only to provide further assistance and should not take the place of normal preparation or knowledge and will not replace a lack of sales integrity.

The kit contains one tumbled stone of each of the following

Wear or carry near you

Aventurine - 

Stone of Opportunity

Known as luckiest of all crystals

Used for creating opportunities

Especially helpful for advancing wealth

Citrine -

The success stone

Lucky for salespeople promotes abundance and prosperity

Luck in the business world

Considered an aid to merchants

Tiger's Eye

Boosts integrity, self-confidence and correct use of power

Enhances good luck

Brings prosperity, often in the form of money

Moss Agate

It attracts abundance in wealth

Improves self-esteem

Clear Quartz -  

Acts as a amplifier or magnifier when used with other crystals making them stronger

Smoky Quartz

One of the best stones for grounding and anchoring yourself

Black Obsidian

Will remove negative energies from any space

stones come in a satin bag

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Prior to being in the crystal business I was a salesman in corporate America for over 2 decades.    

A career in sales and business development can be stressful, filled with anxiety, pressure and negativity.  Use this kit to bring your best to any business opportunity you may have.