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Everyone have a safe and memorable experience with this weeks eclipse.
Everyone have a safe and memorable experience with this weeks eclipse.

Healing Crystal Kit - Mama's Mojo bag

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In these trying times, the new normal we can all use some additional support.  I made up Mama's mojo bag as a crystal kit to support not only moms but all woman in general.

Help the women in your life with a selection of crystals chosen exactly for what moms may be going through right now.  The stress, the worry, the anxiety, the self doubt and judgement.  

The kit provides peace and tranquility, unconditional love, self love, relief from anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Grab yours today and help mom with her mojo

** Free gift - with every Mom's mojo bag you also receive one piece of clear quartz.  Clear Quartz is your master healer, an amplifier and is the best crystal for achieving ones manifestations.

Included with this kit you will find one of each stone and a satin bag

Amethyst – Helps mom with anxiety, stress, fatigue, depression

Rose Quartz – Opens and heals the heart, a stone of unconditional love and compassion.  Reminds mom to love herself unconditionally so that she is receiving as well as giving unconditional love. 

Moonstone – Helps to manifest new beginnings, provides inner growth and strength. Soothing emotional instability and stress, provides calming emotions. Enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love

Black Onyx - Black onyx is a stone of strength and perseverance. This stone helps ease the transition into motherhood

Turquoise - A stone for health, balance, and intuition. It is a very nurturing stone and is connected to the throat chakra.  This chakra helps mom speak up for herself

Carnelian – A stone of protection, stability, and vitality. This stone helps mom be fearless and courageous

Angelite – This stone provides acceptance and compassion. The stone helps mom with any guilt and self-judgment she may have. Angelite is a happy and calming blue stone that helps with self love and acceptance of self


The employees of High Ho Gems and Crystals are not doctors and cannot provide medical advice. Healing crystals should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.

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