Event - Reiki and the Ego

Event - Reiki and the Ego

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Reiki and the Ego

Taught by - Jeffrey Mankin
Reiki Master Teacher
date and time to be determined
Prerequisite to Reiki Level 3 Master class
By this time you should be well aware as a Reiki 2 practitioner that Reiki is not yours.  It is you, but you do not own it, you cannot control it in the when, why, how aspect. 

As Reiki is not yours and you have no control over how it works you have to put your ego in check.  It is not you doing a healing for your client, it is the universe allowing you to channel the energy to help your client heal.  In order for Reiki to fully flow through you need to have the portal open as much as possible. 

Having your ego in check, understanding that the Reiki is not yours and it just will flow when you let it by moving your ego to the side and allowing Reiki to just do it's job. Over much practice you can master this technique so that you can allow the Reiki to flow through you in the most abundant amount possible.

I ask you to take this class so you have a fully understanding, this class is to make you humble before you take the step to master.  Be humble, be Reiki, be love.