Event - Intro to Energy Work/Earth Medicine

  • $30.00

Have you ever wondered about energy medicine? Healing modalities such as hands on healing (Reiki), crystal healing, the human Chakra system and how to work with the energies of mother earth. For those looking to go a little deeper or to gain knowledge to help your family and friends we welcome you to to this introductory course.

In this class we will explore and try to understand how these natural healing techniques can assist in every day living and positively effect our health.

Charles Tony Siegert is a attuned Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Worker. Tony utilizes Energy Medicine in his healing and lives to share his unique feelings on the subject. Tony's gifts were handed down through generations, Tony's mother instilled this knowledge and understanding into her family so that they could continue the healing traditions. To help others and share this medicine for everyone in need around them.

This is an introductory class for anyone interested in learning about Energy Work and the sciences behind it. However Tony's class is different each time.

This class will help explain the mechanics of Energy Medicine and it’s benefits.

Class is approximately an hour and a half....
Cost $30.00

Students do not need any materials other than their desire to learn about such earth medicines and applications

Ages 12 and above please