Canceled - Event-High Ho Concert Series w Fareed Haque

Canceled - Event-High Ho Concert Series w Fareed Haque

  • $20.00

We are very sorry to announce that at the last minute Fareed had an family emergency and has had to cancel this performance.

I am working on refunding everyone's money asap.  We will try to book Fareed in the future but it will be at the new venue so we are refunding everyone.

Sorry folks



I miss live music!!

Welcome to the High Ho Gems summer concert series

Sometimes you just get blown away by something that happens. These shows have brought new life, energy, and refreshed Qi into my life  It is my honor to bring these amazing musicians to you in a time where so much is going on, i hope these shows bring us all joy, peace, love and togetherness.

I am beyond blown away to be able to announce our next show in the concert series

Fareed Haque and Friends play Deja Vu and Garaj Mahal

Fareed Haque is a modern guitar virtuoso.  Steeped in classical and jazz traditions, his unique command of the guitar and different musical styles inspire his musical ventures with tradition and fearless innovation.

$20.00 per ticket purchased online at
50 attendees maximum - only 50 will be sold
August 15th, 2020

6pm to 9pm

2 sets

Let me just say of any concert we are having and we are having some incredible shows. Seeing Fareed in Tinley Park behind my crystal shop is something that i could never even dream of.  Fareed is a world class Jazz guitarist who has recorded and is going to play his Jazz interpretation of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's monumental album from the 60's Deja Vu.

Then 2nd set he is going to treat us to music by Garaj Mahal which was a jam band he played in about 10 + years ago. 

Masks are required 
Socially distanced outside show
Please do not get any closer than 10FT to the band

Rain or shine
Bring your canopy
bring your lawn chairs
coolers for BYOB
Public bathroom with you wipe up rules
Store will be open for purchases upon request and during intermission
possible vendors
possible Reiki booth
possible other services