Event - Grounding and Your Root Chakra

Event - Grounding and Your Root Chakra

  • $25.00

SOLD OUT - Grounding and Your Root Chakra

Teachers - Jeff Mankin
Renee Marie
Sold Out - November 9th, 2018
7 pm - 8:30
Does everyone tell you to get grounded. This doesn't mean losing your privileges unless your an out of control teenager.

Does stress rule your life, do you have anxiety, depression, PTSD? Does it always feel like you are losing control? You just can't keep up, nothing is going your way or life is falling apart.


We can help, lets learn to ground ourselves. There are many ways to do so, through meditation or energy work. Working with crystals and stones, herbs or essential oils and more.

We are going to take you through a number of ways to become grounded. We'll talk about Yoga, Qi Gong, Foods, Mantras and more. 

Come join Jeff and Renee as we help you learn what works for you. How you can win your life and gain control back. 

Come join us as we ground ourselves and become one with Mother Earth

Class is approximately an hour and a half long
Teachers - Jeff Mankin
Renee Marie

This class is a series of 7, held approximately once a month we will start at the Root Chakra and work our way up.