Event - Sold out - Gong Wash with Francesca and Suzy

Event - Sold out - Gong Wash with Francesca and Suzy

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  • $30.00

Gong wash with Francesca and Suzy

Saturday, June 11th, 2021

7 PM CST to 8:30pm approx.

Imagine pure relaxation, all of your stress and worry just melting away with the amazing vibrations. Put the work away, take some time to heal, join us for an amazing bath in sound and vibration.
We had such a wonderful time at their last Gong wash we have asked them to come visit us often. Let's keep selling them out and giving them lots of opportunity to bring their healing to this very special community!!
My friends please welcome my friends Francesca and Suzy, together they are Lotus Vibrations. They have come to heal you with their lovely vibrations. Don't hesitate this one should go quickly. Only 7 tickets will be sold to this event

Six years ago, Francesca and Suzy began their spiritual journey and connected with the ancient shamanic approach to healing. They have been certified through Harmonic Waves Healing LLC and Full Circle Harmony. Through their studies and personal experiences into the wonders of vibrational energy, they learned how powerful sound can be when used as an emotional, physical, and spiritual healing source for the body. They use the ancient art of Reiki for balance and relaxation, while engaging your senses with aromatherapy. They also tend to the emotional body with sound therapy and emotional freedom techniques. The immersion into sound and vibration will make you feel rejuvenated and offers numerous benefits to your wellbeing and over all state of health. Francesca and Suzy will create sacred space to allow you to transform into the person you’re meant to be. They understand the beautiful connections between mind, body, and spirit. Their path is to hold space and spread love to all whom are seeking healing, comfort and relief.

Please join us June 11th 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Blanket and Mat provided by studio
You provide pillow an open mind ready to heal