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Virtual Event - 10 Gems and Crystals you shouldn't be without

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You shouldn't be without

Please join Jeff Mankin owner of High Ho Gems and Crystals on Friday for Crystals for lunch April 3rd, 2020. This course will help you to use the crystals you own and show you what you may be in need of.  A brief overview, 30-40 minutes of the 10 or more gems and crystals that you should not be with out.

Jeff will discuss what crystals you should be using on a day to day basis. What these can help you with, how to use them by asking for what you need.

For example
What stone is used to block negative energy?
What stone is used for restful sleep?
What stone is used for abundance, what is used for money and what's the difference?
What stone is known as a Lemurian and what makes it so?

In addition we will discuss vibrations and how to use these vibrations. How these stones and crystals can assist in your everyday life from an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical standpoint?

How do we cleanse our crystals and why. How do we program or talk to them to ask them for what we want and need in our lives? 

Friday Live on Zoom meeting
12 noon
Class is $5.55

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