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Syahi concert with Raj Soni 5/14/2022 6;30pm behind the store tickets are by love donation everyone welcome
Sayahi Live concert 5/14/2022 behind the store


We appreciate all of the amazing reviews that we have been given in the past almost 7 years. The more public reviews we receive the more people learn about us.  So if you have the time we would love for you to stop by either Facebook or Google and give us a shout out.  

Thank you all for your amazing words you share with us about how you feel about the store.  We'll keep growing to bring you the best gems with the biggest variety, the best quality with crazy low prices.

Jeff Mankin

Owner - High Ho Gems and Crystals


Lauren Nicole Gordon, October 14th, 2020 Facebook

This place was AMAZING!! The staff was so lovely and personable. I went into this store not knowing much and the staff helped teach me a little bit about them and worked through everything that i need to know about my new crystals. I would come back here everyday and spend every dime in my pocket if i could just for the experience of this store. 10000/10 would recommend! also they had a really cute greeter named ruby who was the sweetest little pup :) ❤️❤️❤️

Shawn Carroll Oct 2 2020 Facebook

Great staff. Very helpful and good folks

T-Que Winning July 29, 2020 Facebook

I recommend going for the education, positive energy and being around a genuine owner. Jeff was very warm, funny and informative. I will shop again.

Robert Thomas, January 23, 2020 Google

Visit and you will rate it 5 stars as well!

Jacob Downey  January 7, 2020

Jeff is amazing, and his selection is five star! Plus his energy is #cosmic!!

Kaylye, December 15, 2019 Google

I got a beautiful Amethyst from this cute shop today! The environment was peaceful and the workers were incredibly friendly. Oh and not to mention Ruby- the owners cute little pup! I will be coming back. Very reasonable prices. Can’t wait to buy more!

Jessiy McAlpin, December 8, 2019, Facebook

This is the perfect little shop for crystal lovers and enthusiasts. Jeff stayed open late so my mom, my friend, and I could look around since it was our first time. So many beautiful stones and jewelry at very reasonable prices. I 100% recommend visiting! They are very knowledgeable as well! Jessiy McAlpin

LE, December 8, 2019, Google

I discovered High Ho Gems earlier this year and love coming here! Jeff, the owner, and Ruby, the super friendly yorkie mix greet you as soon as you walk in. Just a welcoming vibe from the start. My kids absolutely love Ruby first, then the "rocks" as they call them. I've recently been studying crystal healing, and everytime I ask Jeff what he recommends for a particular inquiry, he can yell you absolutely everything about that particular crystal/gem/stone. He carries polished, unpolished, spheres, points, towers, sage, oils, jewelry which is handmade right there, singing bowls, and much more. He offers classes as well, which I look forward to attending in the future. Rest assured, Jeff will not try to upsell you when you are shopping. He'll even tell you that you dont have to purchase the biggest, or everything at once. Want something? Hell get it for you! My kids loved the gong today, so I may have him get one for me.

Deloni Jennings, November 18, 2019, Facebook 

A great selection of gems and charms alike, from crystals, to pendulums, to singing bowls, and orgonites, this place has a choice selection for things that I need, whether for crystal grids or to add a new pendulum to my collection or just to get rid of the bad juju in my house, the owner Jeff is very down to earth and very knowledgeable in gems and spirituality, if you want to take the spiritual journey even deeper, Hi Ho Gems and Crystals even offer classes on Reiki, astrology, and they even host Reiki shares where people come together with Reiki massages, food, and good vibes all around, I literally come here almost every other week, from Valparaiso, IN, just to buy his product and to attend the classes, it's the hidden gem (no pun intended) of Tinley Park, highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend 😌

Lynn Lynn, November 14, 2019 Facebook

really amazing energy in this shop! Jeff the owner is a great talker and very knowledgeable of all of the gems he has there!! im excited to attend some upcoming events there! i would recommend stopping in and just taking a look around a lot to learn and see here!

Rose Taylor, November 14, 2019, Facebook 

This place is amazing, I did a lot of research on buying gems and crystals. I bought a few different items and I’m so very pleased with the outcome. The owner is a Reiki Master so he knew exactly what I needed. I will definitely buy again, especially for the holidays, makes a great gift.

DeeDee Doyle Jandeska, September 5, 2019

This shop has a vast collection of beautiful healing crystals at reasonable prices. The owner is extremely knowledgeable of gems and crystals and has always been helpful and kind.

Mike Baker, September 5, 2019, Facebook

Great owners cool stuff and classes😎

Amanda Popow August 10, 2019, Facebook

My daughter took the Reiki Kids class today with Jeff at High Ho Gems. She ABSOLUTELY loved it! She said that, “I really felt comfortable and that I was in a safe place. I’m so excited to continue on with my Reiki journey, and I’m so happy that Mr. Jeff was there today to guide me.”

We love High Ho Gems and will definitely be back!

Beth Jensen Smith August 10, 2019 Facebook

My 11 year daughter just attended the Reiki Kids class and we LOVED it! We learned so much and can’t wait to continue our Reiki journey with Jeff. 
Jeff is very concerned with the kids’ understanding and comfort. He is patient, open, and kind, and my daughter couldn’t have enjoyed his class more!! I enjoyed it too!!

Dave Baron August 7, 2019 Facebook

Just had Reiki done there tonight for the first time. Jeff is a very nice person and knowledgeable with all the stones and crystals etc..... Definitely a place to check out. All the people we met tonight were real nice too. Great atmosphere!

Yvonne Carr, 4/22/2019 Facebook

Great place to find almost any kind of crystal you're looking for. Very relaxed atmosphere.. Jeff is very friendly and helpful

Liz O, 4/14/2019 Yelp

One of the few legit crystal shops I've been to in the area. Super kind owner, cute puppy, welcoming environment, AND a local business

Sally Bredeweg Facebook April 8, 2019

The owner Jeff is very knowledgeable & just an amazing person. Thank you so much for the Reiki session!! Feeling at peace today

Andrea The Herbalist, Google April 2019

Great crystals and great prices, friendly environment!

Celeste Ostrowski, Google, April 2019

Great inventory, very friendly environment, worth checking out

Chris Konior Google, March 2019

This place is wonderful! Very knowledgeable owners!

Melissa Rohde, Google February 2019

The owner is such a great person, very knowledgeable on every crystal. And he helps you with what you personally have going on & suggests which Crystal's you should get to help yourself. So happy I found this place

Marc Celmer. Google 2019

Five Stars - Best in Chicago

Shelly Miller Google, February, 2019 Google

Five Stars - Excellent quantity of rare gems and services!

Renae Singer, February 7th, 2019 Facebook

I fell in love with High Ho Gems from the first time I attended my first ever Reiki Share a few months ago. The Owner Jeff is incredible, & very welcoming. Every single person I have met has been amazing, friendly & has their own yoniquie gift to share. The positive, loving, calming energy feeds my soul & I always leave there feeling so amazing. Thank you everyone!!

Jessica Watson, December 26, 2018 Facebook

Stopped by to pick up some last minute Christmas presents and immediately felt at home! The shop owner was warm and inviting and helped us pick out thoughtful healing gifts for our loved ones 🎁💓 . I’d recommend this shop to anyone!

Christopher Sims, December 7, 2018 Facebook

The Reiki Share at High Ho Gems and Crystals has been an event I hold close to my heart. I have been fortunate to meet many great people there. Each individual shares a gift of energy, intuition, healing and new beginnings. Some are new to this while others like Charles Tony Siegert come from a long tradition of healers and Shamans. Jeffrey D Mankin is an absolute amazing person who has built a community of beautiful souls, monthly puts together a Reiki Share that is like no other.

Some call it a rock concert, drum circle, and/or party but we do Reiki our way. It’s a night filled with love, spirituality, music, sharing, oneness, enjoyment and plenty of laughter. This year was a lot of learning and greater understanding. Next year there will be many new and old musicians joining us. We plan on taking the music in a new direction and provide even a greater experience! 2019 is the year!

Kellee F, November 23rd, 2018 Yelp

Loved this place when I visited earlier this year. Great selection and the owner had a great vibe about him. Knowledgeable and personable!

Shawn Brockus November 11, 2018 Facebook 

I cannot say enough good stuff about this place. Jeff and all of the staff are so welcoming that we never want to leave when we go in. What started with going in to buy a crystal has led to tarot readings, energy work, chakra classes and just finished Reiki level 1 practitioner today. Stop in check out the place and don’t forget to say hi to Ruby before you leave.

Rhonda Bergamo November 11, 2018 Facebook

5 stars. i attended my first class with Jeffrey. The whole event was energizing and rewarding. I learned a lot about Reiki, how its used, was able to practice the techniques. Jeffrey and Renee another teacher provided a welcoming and insightful class and I recommend him and his team

Nikki Caridine October 25, 2018 Facebook

Had my first visit to Hi Ho this afternoon and Jeff you were an absolute pleasure to meet. So very helpful and knowledgeable. This place put me at ease the instant that I walked in, nothing but good energy. I left feeling refreshed and excited to come back for more. Thank you for all of your help I’ll be back soon!! Oh and I cannot forget Ruby 🐶 she was an absolute treat as well 😊

Ann Walsh Petrovich October 18, 2018 Facebook

Open doors and welcoming spirit for an interesting and amazing experience. The gems are abundant but the jewelry is awesome. A hidden gem I never knew existed in Tinley Park!

Charles Tony Siegert, August 23, 2018 Facebook

This is home away from home !! 
The people that are gravitated here are some of the best souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing

Sarah Buffa August 21, 2018 Google

I can not describe to you how amazing this place is. Every staff member has so much knowledge and offers as much help as they possibly can. The owner Jeff is very knowledgeable and lighthearted as well as kind, caring and compassionate. The first time I went I met Stephanie, the Crystal Specialist. She helped me pick out crystals specifically for my needs. She took the time to feel my energy and to get to know me before she picked out each stone. She educated me on how to best use them for my needs. I then talked to Tony and he helped educate me on all the chakras. He gave me so much knowledge and I appreciated his time so much. Jeff checked me out, and threw in two free crystals for me out of the kindness of his heart. One night, Jeff even opened up the shop late just for me to grab two crystals. I could have waited until the next day, but he wanted me to have them as soon as I could which I appreciated so much. If you're thinking about going here, you totally should. I will never go anywhere else for my crystal needs! Thank you all so much!

Kimberly T, August 18, 2018, Yelp

High ho gems is a great shop with a really fantastic owner. I bought beautiful stones there and made a great new friend. Go there today

Dominic Pozzie August 13th, 2018 Facebook

Jeffrey is awesome! I'd recommend his shop to anyone! 

Chloe LOSO Gertz August 1st, 2018 Google

This is my special place. One of my favorite places on earth!!! Jeff, the store owner, is absolutely amazing. He knows everything there is to know about crystals and gems. He is extremely warm hearted and very welcoming. They offer a lot of different events and classes including kids classes and reiki healings. I've been to two of the Reiki shares and met some wonderful people while I got an amazing energy healing. The products sold here are HIGH QUALITY at GREAT prices. They also have a HUGE selection of stones to choose from, just about any stone you're looking for. Handmade jewelry and crafts are available too. They also have herbs for cleansing. I have recommended them time and time again and everyone who has visited has left a happy customer!

Michelle Monahan Dybala, July 29, 2018 Facebook

Contacted Jeff to book a Bachelorette party with Renee and from the inital contact to the actual night was an excellent experience ! Renee was amazing and the ladies were impressed with the readings she also suggested stones and crystals to benefit you . Renee is so personable and professional and so is Jeff. The shop has an amazing selection of stones and crystals ! I can't wait to attend some of the good events they have there ! Thanks Again !!! Such good vibes given when you are in the shop !!! This place is a gem !

Lizette Marcin Lehmans July 19, 2018 Facebook 

So this is my first review ever, and I’m actually glad that it’s for this place! I’m a huge crystal collector who visits holistic stores often - always on the search for stones to add to my collection - so when I heard of this place I had to go and check it out. Now I can’t wait for my next visit! The stuff I found here was absolutely amazing, the quality of the stones was the highest I’ve seen yet. This place totally exceeded my expectations— And the owner is super cool and makes you feel welcomed! I’ll be stopping by again for sure!

Alysa K, July 12, 2018 Yelp

Loved this place, so excited about the location! The energy inside was magical and everything is laid out wonderfully! Highly recommend! The owner is awesome and very kind! Not pushy, and willing to answer any questions! The selection of crystals was amazing too, I will definitely be back for more along with attending some classes! Thanks High Ho Gems!

Craig Pearce June 6, 2018 Facebook

From Fife Scotland 
I didn’t expect to find such a gem in Tinley Park. Yes the outside looked like a house but there was a sign up so we went in. There was a fantastic array of crystals and everywhere I looked I wanted to purchase something. The items were stunning and the prices were very reasonable. I asked Jeff, the owner, about a crystal I had been looking for. Even tho I couldn’t remember the name we got there in the end. Obviously I bought some things but never felt pressured A very knowledgeable and friendly man. There are also classes for Reiki etc. I could go on and on but go see for yourself it’s worth it.

me into this family and allowed me to be part of this very beautiful group!

Eliza David, April 22, 2018 Facebook

This was an awesome place. Got my mom her first pieces of crystals!

Susan Pendergrass April 17, 2018 Facebook

As a gem shop owner, I just want to say that Jeff was awesome as was his shop. Fantastic pricing and most importantly- QUALITY! I live 6 hours away but I will be keeping in touch and driving back just to see the shop when I’m around

Mary TyBu March 27, 2018 Facebook

Came here today with a friend and had a great experience. Purchased a crystal kit and a chakra bracelet. Reasonably priced, lots of positive energy within those walls. Highly recommend!

Michelle Snow Feddeler, March 27, 2018 Facebook

My first time there! Great experience! Jeff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I’ll be back

Samantha Elizabeth March 22, 2018 Facebook

This is the place to be if you are looking for gems and crystals! Beautiful selection of stock and Jeff is very helpful and kind. I will definitely return and recommend to many!

Jessica Laehr, March 10, 2018 Google

Awesome, awesome place to go whether you know what you're looking for or not. So many gems and crystals to choose from, perfect for every budget.

Gina Zeman, March 4th, 2018 Facebook

This is a great place, and Jeff is super friendly and very knowledgeable. He has a great selection of quality pieces at awesome prices.

Celeste Craig Ostrowski. February 4th, 2018 Facebook

Great shop tumbled stones, points, geodes and a lot of nice larger pieces. Jeff, the owner, is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful! Since I am new to all of this Jeff has been very helpful with all my questions.

Billy Rapka, February 2nd, 2018 Facebook 

The owner Jeff is a great guy. His collection of gems and crystal's are amazing. Great selection and great prices. Thank you Jeff!

Marianela M. Anderson, February 1st, 2018 Facebook

This place is so amazing. It has such a positive and clean vibe to it. Jeff is so helpful and knowledgeable. I am new to crystals and he patiently answered my questions. I am looking forward to attending some of the classes provided.

Hailey Halstead, January 27, 2018 Facebook

Thank you for all your help! Very knowledgeable and professional did not treat with anything but respect even through my mother and I are very new to crystals

Kylie Shook, January 23rd, 2018 Facebook

Jeff is the man. He is super knowledgeable about what he does and his aspirations to grow more from his work are inspiring. Also good company to have while shopping 

Brianna Nudo, January 23rd, 2018 Facebook

Came here on January 19th with my aunt. Great store, such a wide variety to chose from and the jewelry is absolutely beautiful as well. Although everything in the store is beautiful to be honest! Highly recommended this store to all friends & family

Sage Moonfyre, January 13, 2018 Facebook 

Amazing place! Great energy! Gorgeous Crystals & stones, Sage, jewelry, teas, various other gifts. Don't forget to check out the classes & events often held here!
Jeff is a very charismatic & knowledgeable Crystal kinda guy.

Anj S., December 21, 2017 Yelp

Yeah, another metaphysic and crystal shop!  Jeff, the owner, is great and knows his stuff.   Nice atmosphere and they are new, so check back often for more crystals and classes.   

There is no parking lot (don't park in the Farmers insurance lot next to Jeff's building) but there is plenty of street parking available. 

I highly recommend this place!

Jenny Ocampo, December 18, 2017 Facebook

Really nice newer shop with tumbled stones, points, geodes and a lot of nice larger pieces as well. Jeff, the owner, was super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful! I loved it and will definitely be back.

Angela Lee, December 5, 2017 Google

Absolutely amazing shop! I've been to many other crystal shop, and I'll have to say this shop is my ultimate favorite so far. Very good vibe in the store, and the owner of the shop is very nice. I'll be doing most of my crystal shopping here from now on. Really good place to find crystals for jewelry making.

Gina Lemay, December 2, 2017

I absolutely LOVE this store. Great energy, great people, & Jeff is amazing. He is very knowledgeable on crystals and makes you feel right at home. I highly recommend this place.

Rory Gallagher, November 28, 2017 Facebook

Jeff is an amazing guy and a great help. High Ho is a fantastic shop and always a friendly environment!

Sara Ray, November 27, 2017 Facebook

My first time in Illinois and I had to find the energy here. I highly recommend coming in and checking this place out! Friendly and very helpful. I picked out way more than I needed and left feeling on top of the world with the biggest smile. Thanks again 

Raven Holman November 26, 2017 Facebook

Awesome place to shop! Jeff is very knowledgeable and willing to help explain what each stone means if you have questions. My husband and I spent a hour and a half shopping, talking and having a good time. Oh and everything is reasonably priced.

Miriam Piedra November 16, 2017 Facebook

Reasonable prices + really nice Gems and crystals. Along with good company and service, what more could you want! Def one of my favorite places to shop at for the things I need. Jeff knows a lot about the material he carries, which is a lot of help too!

Vera Kuczmarski September 15, 2017 Facbook

These are my peeps! Great vibes! Product is quality and jeff knows his stuff.

Peggy Vautsmeier May 22, 2017 Facebook

Absolutely Loved this store and the people were Amazing!!!

Todd Bowland May 21, 2017 Facebook

I stopped by with my daughter as we were heading home from a vacation in Chicago. Just a quick stop to check things out, turned into an hour long visit. Jeff was great. He talked with my daughter at length about rocks, suggesting books, and providing plenty of knowledge. His prices are more than fair, and he happily dug stuff out of the back where he had packed up for an event, when my daughter couldn't find quite what she wanted. Great guy, I feel like I made a friend.

Linnea Borden April 2, 2017 Facebook

I make a point to come every time I am in from Minnesota! Jeff and Jamie have both helped me out & I've fallen in love with the store! Thanks y'all see ya again soon!

Michele Trowbridge Feb 19, 2017 Facebook

Love this place... They really know their stuff.... Totally recommend

Bernie Goulet January 25, 2017 Google +

Friendly place, mellow space to visit

Kelly Gibbs January 7, 2017 Facebook

I LOVE this store! Good vibes and very peaceful atmosphere! Excellent customer service. Impressive selection of products and services. I could, and have spent hours here. Jeff, the owner, is very down to earth, pleasant to talk to and knowledgeable. I am so very grateful to have this little "Gem" so close to home!

Joe F  January 6, 2017 Yelp

This business has been like home and more for me. Such a beautiful space run by beautiful people for a beautiful cause. Some very nice and even some rare gems and Crystals for very fair prices... the amount of love this shop offers in overflowing!

Mary Hafner December 31, 2016 Facebook

This is a Great little shop right here in our town. Who'd of thought???

Faith Ham October 20, 2016 Facebook

Sadly I have never been to the actual shop but I have gotten to visit his mobile shop when he travels to different events. I got the most amazing labradorite palm stone and beautiful lemurian quartz. He really knew his stuff and was super friendly

Melissa Lizzio August 28, 2016 Google +

Went in seeking some comfort while away from home and left with much more! Jeff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly! We left filled with positivity and good Vibes! Highly recommend anyone to go in and feel the positive was rejuvenating!

Loretta LaBrec August 27, 2016 Google +

I always look forward to visiting the shop and listening for what's calling my name. Enjoy the kind hearts and gentle spirits of the folks there. I always leave energized and oh yes...with a bag of new found treasures. Looking forward to the days I can join some of the classes. Namaste~

Dane F August 27, 2016 Yelp

I have a deep love for crystals and gems and was so excited when this shop opened up. They have a great selection with very good prices! The store's atmosphere is very welcoming and the staff on hand is extremely knowledgeable and friendly to interact with! The store has a little bit of everything any gem enthusiast would appreciate. If you have the same appreciation I do for crystals, I would highly suggest you stop in to this shop and support this local business! I love it!

Alex Rabideau June 3, 2016 Facebook

The best people and most knowledgeable! You feel like family at high ho gems!

Julie H May 3, 2016 Yelp

Wonderful owners, fantastic store.   They have a wonderful selection of merchandise, offer unique and interesting classes, and they bring in great talent. This is a gem in the neighborhood and surrounding areas!

Pete Jive January 31, 2016 Facebook

What a Beautiful store, attentive staff, fantastic vibes! High Ho Gems & Crystals is an ideal location for acoustic performers. Can't wait to get back to Manteno!

Dane Fraher January 29, 2016 Facebook

I have had nothing but great experiences at this shop! If anyone appreciates rocks and minerals as I do, this is one of the best shops I've gone to. The prices are great, and the people are great.

Randi Dillon January 17, 2016 Facebook

I've been longing for such a place here in town, I love it!

Stephanie C January 6, 2016 Yelp

I have been to this store several times since they opened, and I have had the best experience each time! !!

Wendy DeGroot January 1, 2016 Facebook

Thank you for the warm welcome when my friends and I visited the shop on New Year's Eve! Came home with some great finds! Looking forward to going again!

Neale Baldyga November 24, 2015 Facebook

I love Jeff and everything he is doing to bring high quality gems and crystals to the Chicago area. Most importantly he does it ethically while treating those around him with respect. Looking forward to many years of doing business here

Michael Le November 24, 2015 Facebook 

Killer selection! Had all of my needs! And a bunch to add to my list! Thanks for a stellar experience!

Trisha Cook-Kara November 24, 2015 Facebook

The best!!!! Very helpful and knowledgeable!! Great people!! Jeff and Jamie are awesome!!!!

Melissa Marie Philipps  April 4, 2015 Facebook

Thank you again for the amazing experience today!!! I am so excited to learn more and will be making a purchase in the near future for sure!!!

Jennifer W. Humphrey May 6, 2015 Facebook

Quality Items. Pictures don't do items justice. Reasonable prices. Friendly service. Respectful. Great shipping!

Samantha Powell February 13, 2015 Facebook

Loved the energy of him and his booth at nippersink music fest last year!

Natalie Marie Lemke Mussche January 30, 2015

Awesome place just awesome I've gotten quite a few items from him and will continue to keep coming back, such amazing pieces and prices. Love it.

Bailey Grace January 14, 2015 Facebook

I ordered my rocks two days ago and I wish i could post a pic of them here!! Crazy beautiful awesome customer service! Just great. Thank you!!

January 12, 2015 Molly Rose Facebook

I was very excited to have discovered High Ho last year. Jeff is a fantastic seller to do business with, having a wide range of affordable specimens and a great enthusiasm for collecting, which is contagious! I'm looking forward to doing more business here in the future, and I hope you will too.

January 7, 2015 Jessie Lynn Facebook

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Wonderful customer service and so easy to work with! Its so refreshing working with someone who actually cares about their product and customers

December 9, 2014 Zach Bush Facebook

One of the best up and comers in the mineral industry! I haven't nothing negative to say about Jeff at all! He's an amazing guy with a passion that can't be broken. High Ho Gems will be one of the biggest in the game one day. Keep buying those old stock collections Jeff.

Chrissie Mara Rose Haase December 8, 2014 Facebook

I've been a High Ho follower from the beginning & all I can say is you truly have to buy to believe. Jeff is incredibly friendly & willing to make a deal. Great customer support & communication & has some of the most incredibly beautiful specimens around. Check out his Ebay store & blog as well ... just don't outbid me  Loads of respect & appreciation for this man xxx

Connie Sue December 8 2014 Facebook 

Awesome crystals and my first spirit quartz I received and at a very excellent price too I might add...great to do business with...Highly recommended!