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Shortened hours this weekend Friday June 3rd 12 - 5 - Saturday 12 - 6 - Sunday 12 - 5 - We will return to business hours Monday
Shortened hours this weekend at High Ho Gems and Crystals Friday 12 - 5 Saturday 12 - 6 Sunday 12 - 5 We will return to business hours Monday

Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal (also called clear or rock quartz) can be found all over the world and is the 2nd most abundant mineral on Earth.  SiO2 is the chemical formula for Quartz, thus being composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. 

It occurs in all different forms, growth habits, and colors.  Habits can include the following and more.  Quartz can grow as linings in geodes, as drusy, radiating to points on a host rock and more. 

Quartz has a potential from tension or pressure where it generates electrical charges or piezoelectric energy.  

Quartz can be water clear, can have inclusions, bubbles or come in different colorful varieties.
  • Colorless
  • Transparent
  • Translucent
Some of the varieties and colors
Citrine - Golden Yellow
Amethyst - Purple
Chalcedony - a microcrystalline type of quartz occurring in several different forms, including onyx, agate, and jasper.
Rose Qtz - Pink
Carnelian - Orange/red - an agate class of Chalcedony
Agate -  Various colors
Jasper - Various colors - an opaque variety of Chalcedony
Smoky Quartz - Smokey
As a healing stone
Quartz is considered to be a master or all purpose healer, with one of it's main functions to be used as an amplifier to other crystals.  When working with other types of crystals Quartz will enhance the energy of these other crystals, making all crystals more effective.
It is used to absorb, store, amplify, balance, focus and transmit energy.  It works well for use of manifesting, healing, meditation and protection.
Program your Quartz crystal to be used for a specific purpose, the crystal is good for storing and retrieving information.
Quartz acts like a tuning fork, gently working to return your body frequencies to a healthier, natural state.
It works with the Chakras, cleansing and providing a balanced state of physical and mental health. It working with your body so that it can heal itself.