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Opening back up safely



Well it's been a crazy 10 weeks. As you all know High Ho Gems and Crystals had to close access to the studio on March 17, 2020. We found many ways to take care of you during the pandemic lockdown. I taught many classes online, sold products off the back porch, updated the website where a lot of you started making your purchases.  We did many incredible virtual Reiki shares with us all sending energy to the planet, etc. I built many a grid, grids like i've never known i could do.

I've seen some of you, we'd do a video chat and you'd shop that way. You pick up off the back porch and i'd stick my head out the back door as Ruby was going crazy saying please come see me. I'd leave a package on the front porch and Ruby would hear you enter and I'd yell out a thank you but it just isn't the same

I can't thank you all enough for your support both in business and personally. The response you have shown me and your love of this shop that has become my life over the last 6 1/2 years makes me smile every single day. I thought about moving away, i doubt highly if i could even do it. The soul family bond here is just too strong, there is nothing to look for anywhere else because the family I love is here. 

Thank you all for being that family

So it's time for us to open again and things are going to be a bit different. The state of Illinois has it's guidelines and we will follow those. However as you know this is my home, I live here. For the time being the store will be limited to just a few customers a time. We hope you understand and will make sure that everyone is taken care of.

Illinois Guidance for Retail Businesses

  • Wear face coverings in the presence of others
  • Maintain social distance of at least 6 feet
  • Sanitize common areas and frequently touched areas every two hours
  • Checkout keypads, self-checkout stations, shopping carts and baskets should be disinfected after every use
  • Limit occupancy to 50 percent of store capacity or five customers per 1,000 square feet
  • No reusable shopping bags allowed, customers must bag own items


Here are some additional things we are putting into place

  • Safe shopping is by appointment only call 312-315-6866
  • Appointments can soon be booked online
  • Face masks are required by all customers
  • If you are unable to wear a mask I will sell you a face shield for $4, you will need a baseball cap of your own
  • Social distance of 6 feet
  • Sanitize hands with sanitizer in the porch prior to touching anything
  • If you are sick please do not come to the store
  • Maximum of 2 buying customers at a time
  • No children at this time
  • The massage room is off limits except during events
  • The living room/classroom is off limits except during classes, events
  • There is no public bathroom
  • We prefer no cash transactions
  • Payments preferred Zelle, Applepay, Paypal, credit cards
  • Customer processes their own credit cards via tap feature or chip insert
  • Customer shops with basket and puts own crystals in a bag

We love you all, I just want to keep you safe and healthy. We are here for you, we are going to grow. The things i have brewing are literally going to blow your mind.

Here is to life, love and happiness, we look forward to seeing you all soon

Jeff Mankin

High Ho Gems and Crystals