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Shortened hours this weekend Friday June 3rd 12 - 5 - Saturday 12 - 6 - Sunday 12 - 5 - We will return to business hours Monday
Shortened hours this weekend at High Ho Gems and Crystals Friday 12 - 5 Saturday 12 - 6 Sunday 12 - 5 We will return to business hours Monday

Live and In person!!

Welcome to High Ho Gems, Inc.


Reiki Share

Wednesday May 4th, 2022

7:00pm - 9:30pm, inside/outside

Reiki share is the time for us to gather, practice Reiki and provide healing and support where it is needed. We gather with like minded healers to recharge your energies, find balance and raise our vibrations in a collective

  • Bring massage tables
  • Bring water to share
  • Snacks (hopefully we can do pot luck next share)
  • Level 2 or higher practitioner $5
  • Level 1 practitioners $7
  • guest here to learn $10

Have you ever had a Reiki Treatment?

Come join us as we share universal life force energy with everyone who attends. With multiple Reiki practitioners in house every person that attends Reiki share is worked on at least once if they want. There are plenty of experienced people attending the share that can answer any questions you may have on the practice of Reiki

We can always use an extra massage table, please bring yours for use during the evening, especially if you want to practice as well as receive.

Every Reiki share is different, all have different levels of spirituality depending on many aspects that can occur. From the planets and the stars, to the levels and experience of the practitioners to how you are currently feeling about yourself will all have an effect on the evening. Our best recommendation is come open minded, come wanting to heal and learn and you will gain from the experience what you put into it. Work at the soul level to heal as a human and over time you will find what you seek.

What is a Reiki share? A healing session with a group of people sharing energy healing. The group trades off giving and receiving Reiki to each other. If you have not had level one training yet please come to receive Reiki and learn about how to begin offering Reiki to your friends and family for healing.

For 2 + hours we will have multiple tables set up and multiple practitioners offering services. Please join us in sharing the gift of Reiki with others.



Reiki Level 1 class

Reiki Level 1 Certification Course
Taught by - Jeffrey Mankin
Reiki Master Teacher

Sunday February 27th, 2022

In this class we will teach traditional Usui Reiki but will touch on other other types as there is so much interest. There will also be discussions around holistic healing, awakenings, energy work etc as it pertains to Reiki.

The student receives one attunement

Reiki Level 1 is about self-healing and sensing the energy - symbols are placed within the student’s aura and the energy of the symbols is unconsciously dispersed through the hands

In this approximately 4 hour class you will learn
* History
* Philosophy behind
* Hand positions
* The basics of the Chakras
* Self Reiki
* Working on others
* Will be attuned to Reiki Level 1
* with this certification you will be able to practice on yourself and friends and family. This class is a prerequisite to the level 2 class.
Comes with booklet of notes 



Reiki Level 2 class

Reiki Level 2 Certification Course
Taught by - Jeffrey Mankin
Reiki Master Teacher

None scheduled at this time

In this class we will teach traditional Usui Reiki but will touch on other other types as there is so much interest. There will also be discussions around holistic healing, awakenings, energy work etc as it pertains to Reiki.

3-4 hour class

Reiki Level 2, also called 2nd degree Reiki, is the professional practitioner’s level and the main focus is about becoming a professional Reiki practitioner with the intention of opening a healing practice whether professionally or personally

Distant/absentee healing

Group healing

The student receives one attunement, in which your heart chakra is opened to receive and experience unconditional universal love and compassion

In Reiki Level 2 you learn to consciously call upon the energy - the energy of the symbols is consciously directed by the healer for specific purposes

In Reiki Level 2 you will be taught a number of Reiki symbols. These symbols enhance the Reiki in numerous ways.

*With this certification you will be able to practice professionally

This class is a prerequisite to the level 3 Master certification


Reiki Level 3 Master class 

Reiki Level 3 Certification Course
Taught by - Jeffrey Mankin
Reiki Master Teacher

None scheduled at this time

Pre-requisite - Level 1 and Level 2. Required permissions from the Master Teacher. If you have not been taught Level 1 and 2 by me you will need a copy of both certificates when you come to class.

What this class consists of:
Learning the Master Symbol
Receiving attunements
Learning and mastering the attunement process to teach others about Reiki and pass on the gift of Reiki.

This is not the end of your journey, this is just the beginning. As a Reiki 2 practitioner you practiced Reiki. Once you are level 3 master you are now Reiki. Everything in your life will embody Reiki for the better of all and your greater good. We as Reiki masters are just tools (let go of the ego).

Spiritual Guidance Consultation

Jeff Mankin the owner of High Ho Gems and Crystals is now offering one on one private consultation sessions . In 55 years I have always lived my life the same way. I haven't changed in all those years but have learned ways through spirituality so that anyone can find their own Zen. It takes practice and dedication. Now for more than 7 years I have studied Reiki and let me say Reiki has changed my life. I have personally found life in Reiki, nothing has ever made me so happy. It is now my greatest joy, teaching others what i have found in Reiki and the pure bliss of passing it on to others. I am currently attuned to 6 different types of Reiki, with a focus on Usui Shiki Ryoho. Reiki is love, it would be my honor to be your teacher

Consultation Cost is determined by need and means of customer and is generally between $75 to $150 per hour


Jeff is available by hourly appointment to discuss the following topics in a one on one private setting

  • General Spirituality
  • Awakening, what's happening to me?!
  • Empath, what is it and how to manage through it
  • Chakra system, what it is and how can I maintain it
  • Crystal usage consulting, what and how
  • Reiki guidance - level 1, 2 or 3
  • Spirituality awakening guidance
  • Meditation assistance, quieting the loudness
  • Spiritual business discussions, opening a spiritual business, let me show you how

Our Live Show Series

We love music, we believe strongly that music feeds the soul. Try listening to your favorite song and not smile. You can't do it because music equals happiness. There is nothing like hearing that amazing guitar solo or lyrics of your favorite song that remind you of something or someone special. 

We have in the past and will continue to provide you music whenever possible. This includes not only sound healings but live shows as well. 

So our current plans are to have music in the extended yard behind the garage. There is plenty of space to be spread out for 100 of more in attendance. We are in the process of purchasing an extended awning to keep the bands covered

Our current line up is as follows - purchase tickets on our live show page

coming soon

we haven't even started yet, booked band 5 already and we will be announcing further bands soon

follow this link to the live show page:


Sound healing

Singing Bowls

As the store continues to grow we are offering more and more in the area of sound healing. Over the last few years we have started to stock Himalayan Singing bowls that are coming directly from Nepal. We carry many different choices providing different vibrations in many different sound ranges. We have a large selection of bowls at any time having as many as 200 bowls in stock. Come in and try out a singing bowl for yourself


Starting immediately we will also be carrying an inventory of Gongs. Ranging in different sizes, metals and coming from different areas in the world. We will have various gongs in stock, at all times moving forward, come in grab a striker and make some beautiful vibrations.

Sound healing room

We are in process of building a room that is attached to the Reiki room. In this room we will have all of our sound healing instruments for sale where you can come in and give each one a try. The same room will now be used for private Reiki sessions and sound healing baths. These baths can consist of Reiki along with gong, bowls, bells, chimes horns, drums and more. These are one on one healing sessions provided by various practitioners.

Live Group sound baths

Our current sound healing practitioners offer sound baths on a monthly basis with multiple currently offering healings. The baths are small and sell out very quickly as each event can only hold about 8 attendees, due to the instruments and the space needed to move throughout the room.

You are laying on the floor on a yoga mat or sitting up whichever you find most comfortable. You can change positions if needed throughout the bath which takes approximately an hour.

Throughout this hour different instruments making different type of sounds and vibrations will be used. Some you will like more than others due to the fact that the vibrations are meant to cleanse and sometimes this is an unknown feeling to the participant.


Healing crystals beginning your journey

Teacher - Jeff Mankin

In this class we’ll discuss:
Crystal healing how and why
What's the difference between a crystal and mineral
Crystal energy, how and why
Feeling crystals, why you can but your friend can't
Different types of crystals and what they are used for
How to use them, is there a right or wrong way
How to cleanse and program them
Should you combine them with other crystals and why
Different vibrations for different folks
And much more

This class is for the person who may be just getting started or may have some experience but wants to move further along in their crystal healing journey.

Not a lecture but an interactive class where you will gain hands on experience working/holding with different crystals. Discussion of using crystals on Chakras, cleansing, programming them for specific purposes and more. 

Bring in your own favorite crystal for others to see, adult show and tell. Learn about what you and others are using and why.


Class should run approximately an hour and a half


Drum Circles


Come join us to listen, to play or both.  Everyone is welcome, this is an all ages event.  

A drum circle is any group of people playing (usually) hand-drums and percussion in a circle. They are distinct from a drumming group or troupe in that the drum circle is an end in itself rather than preparation for a performance.

$5 love donation per person or $10 per family paid in cash the day of event. 

No registration needed

This is always an outside event, weather permitting
We ask that you bring your drums or other noise makers
Lawn chairs
Hula Hoops
Poi and other light up toys
Fire Pit will be active

**we are sorry at this time we are not allowed to have fire spinning at these event.

Belly dance is an ancient art form that will transform your body and mind. We will be learning basic moves and isolations and continue to build on each movement. Belly dance helps breathe life into the dormant areas of our bodies that yearn to be rediscovered. This dance is for all ages, body types and dance experience.

Please wear non-restrictive clothing and bring a hip scarf. Sahara will also have a limited amount of hip scarves available for purchase.

Drop in class $10.00

Every Monday 7:30 to 8:30 pm. Located in back building behind High Ho Gems Separate building and entrance. Parking lot in back.

Sahara is a performer and instructor of Belly dance for over 20years. She loves to share her passion for the dance. She wants you to learn the correct way to execute all the moves but also wants you to have fun. Sahara has trained with many masters of this art form. She continues to always add to her education to be a better teacher and dancer. She wants you to feel the same joy she has for the dance. She believes dancing is as important as breathing

Fundamentals of Belly dance

Reiki Experiment

Prerequisite Reiki Level 2

Have you been wanting to participate in group teaching and attunements? Have you done healing attunements? Have you wanted to practice attuning others with new master symbols beyond the Usui tradition? Good! so have we! 
Due to the nature of the Experiment, we are limiting the invite to those who have been attuned at least to Level 2. Cost is a love donation



10 crystals to have with you always

Jeff will discuss what crystals you should be using on a day to day basis. What these can help you with, how to use them by asking for what you need.

For example
What stone is used to block negative energy?
What stone is used for restful sleep?
What stone is used for abundance, what is used for money and what's the difference?
What stone is known as a Lemurian and what makes it so?

In addition we will discuss vibrations and how to use these vibrations. How these stones and crystals can assist in your everyday life from an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical standpoint?

How do we cleanse our crystals and why. How do we program or talk to them to ask them for what we want and need in our lives?

Advanced Healing Attunements

Charles Tony Siegert born and raised in the South Suburbs of Illinois. Tony who comes from a large family. a spiritual mother, a shaman grandmother and has been surrounded by teachers and healers all his life. Tony was destined to receive gifts of his own. A Reiki Master Teacher, a healer, a spiritual adviser, a teacher and mentor.

As we grow, learning to channel the energy we all have our own ways, each individual has their own path to the spirit. Come join Tony as he teaches healing attunements and how he does them. How spirit has guided Tony and shown him the best way to use his personal gifts. 

**For Level 2 Reiki practitioners and higher that are seeking to enhance there knowledge

You will learn to recognize and properly draw sacred symbols
You will give and receive healing attunments during class.
You will learn to call upon your guides, arc angels, ascended masters, etc.

Class will run approximately 2 hours
Limited space 

Kid's Rock Club

Children will enhance their already curious knowlege of crystals and will learn to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature. This hobby of rock collecting is part of Earth science and your childs fascination comes from both a geolocical as well as an energy curiosity. We teach both geological and holistic studies. thus allowing the child to use their imaginations on the where, why, what and how.  

Taught by our own Mallory Fortier who has been working her at High Ho Gems and Crystals for over 2 years. She also has nanny experience and we believe her passion on the subject will allow her to be a wonderful teacher

Cost is $15 including crystals
Your child will be bring home rocks and crystals after each class. 
They will generally be bringing home some of what they were taught.

This class is pre-pay only either in the store or online

This class not be offered until summer 2021