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Book a Reiki Appointment today, or a nice private or group sound bath.
Book a Reiki Appointment today, or a vibrational sound bath. Take a class, learn to heal, be happy, live life to its fullest ❤️

Alan Burian

Al Burian

Is a Reiki Master, a Qigong Instructor, and Shamanic Dream Journey Coach, He enjoys helping people achieve mental and physical well-being through several modalities. I use a harmonious healing approach that employs love, light and nature. 

My Qigong and Shamanic Dream Teachers were women with a soft, healing touch, which has positively influenced my own approach to healing. 
As a Qigong instructor, we work with and learn from your own Qi or life force energy. You learn to heal yourself, to experience more focused concentration, to lessen anxiety and depression, you learn to be healed.
I look forward to helping you on your path to well-being.