Moldavite - $20 a gram and up - Meteorite and Tektite

  • $10.00

Please contact us with what size piece you would like.  


There are no pieces available under 3 grams, the 1/2 gram option is only to add to a bigger piece.  Please do not order a 1/2 gram by itself

Moldavite has become very hard to get. At this time we have stock but it is going very quickly. Our current price on Moldavite unless we can find a new source is $20 per gram. Quantity is very limited with approx 350 grams available in pieces 3 to 10 grams

We will send photos of our inventory that matches your request.  We can post the piece you picked to our website for you to purchase. This provides you the ability to see exactly what you will be receiving.  

We have exhausted our suppliers at this time.

There is nothing left in our inventory under 3 grams

Please contact us with any questions


We look forward to assisting you