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Event Sound Bath with Jason DOC Diepen

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Using various musical instruments a sound bath can have a deep cleansing and healing effect on the body mind and soul. This sound bathe should last approx 45 minutes and can be a a wonderful tool to reduce stress, provide relaxation and help with restful sleep. The vibrations from the music travel to your Chakras and Meridans clearing any blockages of Qi or Life Force Energy.  

Sound healing is a form of healing using vibrations to heal your body, mind and spirit. Dif fervent emotions vibrate at different levels, blocked, or unexpressed emotions are the main source of disease. Reduction of chronic pain and blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, and a decreased risk of heart disease are major benefits.  

Remember everyone is different what may work for person may not work for you. The best option is to give it a try, you may be shocked by the results


High Ho Gems, Inc. is proud to offer this incredible healing session

Sound healing practitioner Jason Doc Diepen

Wednesday November 16th 2022

7:30pm - approx 8:15


 approx 45 minutes

High Gems Inc., back studio 

Only 12 spots are available