Essential Oils

At this time we only carry Young Living.  

I have a lot of oils in stock and can get new oils at any time if you are looking for something special. The oils listed are just what i have and does not nearly encompass all of what Young Living has to offer. 

In addition I can teach you how to use these oils in your life for many purposes.  As well as help you become a Young Living Distributor to help your friends and family.  To sign up please get in touch and I will be happy to explain the entire model to you.  You would have a monthly commitment to purchase of $100.  You get to pick the oils you want monthly, you receive a 20% discount, points with each purchase and commissions for anyone that wants to sign up under you.  I sell more oil than do signups as not to push that on folks.  However if you start using a lot of oils personally then it is definitely the best way to go.  I look forward to discussing with you how you can not only make an income but you will be bringing health into your family.