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Everyone have a safe and memorable experience with this weeks eclipse.
Everyone have a safe and memorable experience with this weeks eclipse.
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Why Do Moldavite Prices Vary So Much?

Gemstones are one of the ways to display the wealth of status of a person. For centuries, gemstones and other crystals have been the way to show what you have. While the glistening rocks and crystals are still one of the ways to reflect status, in the most recent years crystals have been getting a new love. What for? Customers are not only realizing the beauty that crystals have to offer, but also the properties that each one is known to have. This also includes moldavite and the attention that’s been grabbing in the crystal community.

Moldavite is a gem crystal that is known for having varying prices. Moldavite prices reflect the value of this gem crystal quite strongly.  If you’ve ever checked prices for crystals and you then decide to check out prices of moldavite then you’re going to notice a large difference in pricing. So why exactly is moldavite so expensive compared to its other crystal counterparts?

It’s because it is very rare!  It actually came from a meteor impact, and it’s believed to have formed when a high meteor impacted Europe over 15 million years ago!  Since the chemical structure within this beautiful gem crystal is so different from others, that’s why moldavite prices are completely different.  

So why do the prices of moldavite vary so much? Are there any other reasons why moldavite prices tend to be so expensive? You’ll find all about that here and more, so keep on reading!

Why is Moldavite So Expensive?

Since this is known for being one of the more expensive crystals to exist on Earth, it’s best to have a solid understanding of the back story.  The moldavite exists in sediments from the upper Miocene age, and this is when the meteors fell. It’s believed that most of the remains are deep within Earth's core, but there’s not much proof of this theory either. So what remains that are left, tend to be visible lies where the meteors left an impact. There aren’t very many of these areas. 

When it comes to extracting this gem, it’s not as easy compared to other gems. There need to be careful and extensive measures put into place. The process of getting moldavite is costly, thus, leading to the crystal itself being sold for a higher cost.  A rare gem, plus expensive extraction, equal to moldavite prices being quite high.

Due to the increase of crystal demand that moldavite has due to its spiritual healing properties, it has led to even higher prices as well as counterfeits to keep up with the demand.  In short, you’ll find that moldavite prices vary due to what’s it’s being incorporated into (such as jewelry) but also it can be due to a counterfeit piece of moldavite.

What Can Determine the Price Of Moldavite?

Moldavite is similar to other gemstones and crystals for the fact that its color, weight, and size will all play an impact on the value.  Since moldavite is known for being very delicate, it’s mostly used in pieces of jewelry, where it can retain its shape. This can include jewelry pieces such as earrings or necklaces. It’s similar to glass in how breakable it is which is why it can’t be used for too many pieces of jewelry such as rings or bracelets. While the type of jewelry it’s on can make an impact on the price, it’s best to know that there are other factors as well that can make the prices vary.


The color of the moldavite is going to play a massive role in how valuable this gem is going to be perceived.  While this can be fairly subjective when it comes to other gemstones, it’s very clear for this type. The color of the moldavite will impact how popular, or how much in demand it is, and this is what will determine the price. The green shades of moldavite are highly in demand by customers. This is also the moldavite signature look as well. Since this unique shade of green that it presents is so beautiful and different, it will boost the price.

Moldavite does come in the shade of gray and the shade of brown as well.  These shades are significantly less popular and the value of them is lower compared to the green shades of moldavite.  Some pieces of moldavite will have hints of white or yellow or may have a yellow tint to them. Even with these, the value is lowered. When it comes to moldavite, the shades matter, green shades are the most popular, therefore the most expensive while the rest of the shades will vary in price.


Moldavite tends to come in a variety of sizes, it’s mostly due to how they’re extracted. After careful extraction, the mining company will then process all of these extracted pieces to form something larger. Just like other gemstones, the size will heavily impact the pricing and moldavite isn’t an exception. It’s very rare for mining companies to come across large pieces of moldavite, so the few times they do, you can expect large prices.


This partially plays a role in the color of the moldavite, but the translucency will also determine the price.  Translucent pieces of moldavite will fetch a much higher price than fragments with swirls, shapes, or other designs. Most gemstones tend to be translucent, while this moldavite is shown how unique it is since most fragments tend to not be translucent. So you can expect this to play a major role.


Moldavite tends to have a specific shape, most companies will use fragments to create shapes but moldavite in its primary form is going to be the most expensive. While shape tends to not have such a strong reflection on gemstone pricing, it’s different for moldavite.

While moldavite tends to be different from other gemstones thanks to its rarity and how the value of a piece of moldavite is perceived, it’s helpful to know why prices vary so much and why certain properties of a piece of moldavite are considered to be more in demand than other pieces. If you’re looking for beautiful pieces of moldavite then is the best site to visit. 

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