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Book a Reiki Appointment today, or a nice private or group sound bath.
Book a Reiki Appointment today, or a vibrational sound bath. Take a class, learn to heal, be happy, live life to its fullest ❤️

Weekly Live Sales with Jeff and Doc

Join Jeff and Doc for our now weekly show on Thursday nights. One or

both of us will be on Facebook live every Thursday showing off what is new at High Ho Gems.

We'll have plenty of specimens in everyone's price range, making sure we have something for everyone

Some brand new items over the last few weeks.

  • Apophyllite clusters and stalactites from India.
  • Polished Amethyst Spheres
  • 10 brand new types of stone pendant necklaces
  • Spirit Quartz both clusters and points Lavender Amethyst and White and clear quartz
  • Quartz clusters from Madagascar,
  • Amethyst Scepters in the $10 to $80 range, many with multiple growths and smoky quartz as well
  • We have half polished beautiful emerald green Chrysoprase
  • Rainbow flashed Ammonites and even more

Join us for the weekly High Ho Gems crystal sale live on our Facebook page 7:30pm to ? June 9th, 2022 going forward on Thursday evenings

Amazing deals, great energy and lots of fun, you won't want to miss our weekly show

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