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Book a Reiki Appointment today, or a nice private or group sound bath.
Book a Reiki Appointment today, or a vibrational sound bath. Take a class, learn to heal, be happy, live life to its fullest ❤️
The Little Book Store in the Crystal Shop

The Little Book Store in the Crystal Shop

Are you changing?

Could you use some help?

How about a book?

We have amazing books to help you learn

help you to become a better you

help you to expand and grow

Find a new path
Raise your vibration
Realize your true calling

Become a lightworker or healer

Be Love, Be the light

So many places to learn from, buy a book from us and then your books and your crystals won't have on and off switches  

While the internet is an amazing place when it comes to learning about crystals, Reiki, mediation, mindfulness, etc I love a good book just as much

Here's just a short list of just some of the books we carry, too many to list in this blog

You can currently purchase these and many other titles at the Mokena, Illinois store. I am working on getting all of these titles online for purchase as well

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome The Books!!

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