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Join us 5/11/2024 for our open house and ribbon cutting. Live music and vendors 12 to 4pm
Join us 5/11/2024 for our open house and ribbon cutting. Live music and vendors 12 to 4pm

I want my Chakras cleared, but how?

I receive many phone calls as I did today. Someone calls up and asks if we can clear their Chakras. As this question should have a yes or no answer, I respond yes, however I explain. Your Chakras are your personal energy centers and in the end nobody will be able to help keep your Chakras open, activated or balanced better than you, you just need to learn how

See keeping your Chakras healthy, spinning or moving and directing Qi or Life force energy through your system is controlled by you.  If you want to be grounded eat an apple or wear a red shirt, the color of the root chakra.

If you want to speak your truth wear blue the color of the throat chakra or listen to a love song to open your heart chakra.

There are modalities that can help as well but there is not a chakra clearing modality. You can use Reiki as a tool. With intention a focused Reiki practitioner  can work on your chakras by channeling the universal force with this intention. Reiki can help to open, clear, balance your chakras, but it is then you who needs to work daily to work to keep them healthy.

Guided meditation is another method you can use on your chakra system. Following a guided meditation with intention and you can achieve great progress with repeated practice.

Yoga is a fantastic way, as is Qi Gong both using your intention, breath, stretching or slow flowing movements. These types of exercises help your chakra and meridian systems, raising your personal vibrations while having positive effect on your physical body and spiritual bodies.

Your chakras become blocked by diseased Qi that is caused by trauma. By working to release these past traumas we allow ourselves to heal. Removing the Qi blocking or slowing down your chakras will allow you to become healthier once these blockages are cleared and you allow yourself to heal. The more you work to heal in your subtle bodies. Your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical bodies the more your Qi will flow to assist.

Using Crystals to improve chakra health has become a very popular tool as well, look for a good crystal shop to help you out. We have both a retail crystal store with great employees, or you can go to our crystal shop online in our shop section. Basically, crystals have vibrations, as does everything else in the world. You have a personal vibration but also have a chakra system with chakras that each have their own color. Since color has a vibration also match the color of the chakra to the color of the crystal. This is not 100% but is a good basic start. There will be exceptions such as black, which is not part of the chakra system but is used to transmute negative energy to positive. I think overall it’s a good basis starting point

There are other methods, there are also people who don’t do Reiki but however do energy healing. I would suggest if working with somebody such as this that it be taken on a case-by-case basis. However, before working with anyone, you should ask your higher self, is this work for my higher good? Do I understand the work that I am about to undergo? Use your intuition, do you feel good with what’s about to happen, listen to your intuition, that little voice in your head. It will never cause you harm and always wants the best for you. If that little voice isn’t positive, then time to move to a different healer.

Use any of the methods above and over time you should be able to achieve a lot of progress. Allow you to become the best possible you. Always listen to your intuition, your higher self for your greatest good

Good luck with your chakra health and raising those vibrations

Peace and love to you all



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